"I am Ironman" was the famous quote that Robert Downey Jr. said to end the first Ironman Movie in 2008.

You might be asking yourself what does Ironman have to do with the Chicago Blackhawks? Well I am abou to tell you.

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that the Blackhawks know how to party and where else is a better place to party then Las Vegas.

After Saturday's 7-1 victory in Vancouver the Hawks headed to Vegas for a couple days to relax, practice and regroup while they are on this long circus road trip. They had 3 full days off between games. They arrived in Vegas Saturday after the game and Sunday night was the party.

According to reports the party was the annual rookie party which is when the rookies on the team split the tab. Rumor has it that a 6 liter $35,000 bottle of champagne was ordered, the Monday morning practice which was scheduled for 11 AM was cancelled and an unnamed rookie was dressed in a replica Ironman costume.

So now back to my orginal question, who is Ironman?

I'm not sure who but I will almost guarantee the identity will slip out at some point, till then we can have some fun trying to figure out who.

There has 6 possiblities on the Hawks. I'm going to use the term rookie pretty loosely here, anyone who has yet to play in 82 NHL games before this season is being viewed as a rookie. So who are the suspects:

John Scott (71 games)

Bryan Bickell (23 games)

Jake Dowell (23 games)

Jack Skille (30 games)

Viktor Stalberg (40 games)

Corey Crawford (8 games)

For starters I'm going to cross John Scott off the list because I can't imagine them finding a costume he could fit in and who is making 6'8 John Scott do anything. Secondly I'm going to cross off Stalberg because he didn't come up through the Hawks minors like others while also being 6'3 and Bickell as well because he is 6'4 and he played in the playoffs last season. So that leaves 3 choices: Jake Dowell (6'), Jack Skille (6'1) and goaltender Corey Crawford (6'2).

Who could it be?

Crawford wears all the padding and a mask so it would make sense he was Ironman. Dowell is Patrick Sharp's roommate so maybe this was Sharpie's prank on him. Or Skille who is the smallest and most likely to fit in a costume bought at a store.

I really hope we get a funny press conference with the identity being revealed but till then my money is on Skille.