Patrick Kane is no doubt a great hockey player.  He is a star for the Hawks and a very athletic guy.  But this is not the Patrick Kane we know.  He has only 10 goals and 29 assists.  What is the matter Kanner?


      Coach Q had Patrick Kane try the center position this year.  I saw big things for Kane when he was put at the position.  He usually had Stalberg and Hossa on the line with him.  Also some what of a defensive pairing.  He was looking good at the center position but the stats don't agree with my opinion. 


      As I have been watching him Kane looks for the extra pass.  That is always good.  It opens more scoring chances but the Hawks would love more shooting/goals from Patrick Kane.  We all know he is a threat in the NHL but he is not showing it now. 


      Hopefully Patrick can somehow find his scoring again.  He only has 3 goals in his last 27 games!  Kane is a great player and fun to watch but he needs to get back on track like he has been  in the past.  Kane we need you man.