A leader is someone or something that leads.  That is what a leader is by definition.  But there is much more than that.  Its how they lead. Its there willingness to the highest position in a group for example.  Johnathan Towes came into the Hawks organization and became the team captain and he has been fulfilling his duties so far. 


     Johnathan Towes is the Captain for the Hawks.  His leadership on and off the ice is been reasonable.  He showed he wants to excel in this league and being a captain has made him become noticed in the NHL. There are a lot of reasons that make Towes the leader he is.


1. Skills

    He is a great hockey player.  You really cant make your captain of your hockey team a horrible player.  He excelled as a rookie.  He has made the all star team multiple times, won the Stanley Cup and Conn Symthe in 2010. He also a top of goal scorers in the NHL this season.  He is no way short of skills.  His skills apply to his leadership because  when on the ice your always going for the win.  His leadership though his skills lead the hawks to win every game.  If he doesnt score he makes a good pass. It might be a check or even making a blocked shot. Skills are important in being a leader. 


2. Attitude

     Attitude is very important in being a leader.  You cant be a debbie downer every time something bad happens.  For hockey if someone misses and easy goal of the goalie doesnt make a easy save.  You must be behind that person and tell them to forget it you will get it next time.  Towes is like that.  You dontsee him yelling and screaming after a loss.  Hes there for his teammates.  At every win he gives every one a fist pump before they enter the lockeroom .  His attitude is also a big part to him being a Captain.


     Those are 2 ways but there are many more what is good to have as a leader.  Johathan Towes has the hawks 1st in division and conference with his leadership.  Towes leadership is giving him a bright future.