Alain Vigneault are you kidding me?

After you accuse the Blackhawks of running up the score on you right after the game and then after the media pointed out you were mistaken in your comments, you didn't change your chance. You said you do things differently then Coach Q saying you called off the dogs against Calgary so what happened Friday night?

With 3:16 left to play and the Canucks up on the Hawks 3-0. Jack Skille gets called for a highsticking penalty giving Vancouver a power play chance. Anyone wanna guess who was on the ice for the faceoff?

Besides the Sedin boys who were on the ice when the penalty was called they were joined by the Canucks top two scoring defensemen as well as Ryan Kesler who has 10 goals on the season. The crybabies were unable to score and once the power play had ended the hypocrite coach then put his 4th line out on the ice to finish the last minute of the game.

So I ask what is the difference between what Vigneault did Friday and Coach Q did two weeks ago? Coach Q just put his top line out on the ice for a power play with 11 minutes to go up 6-0 while Vigneault put his best 5 on the ice with 3 minutes to go up 3-0. Is it just me or does what Vancouver did seem more like a team trying to run up the score?

The teams will finish the season series on February 4 in Vancouver. With a win the Hawks would win the season series for the first time in years. It will be a very interesting game where maybe there could be some added bad blood after the all-star game.