Incase you missed it on Tuesday night the Vancouver Canucks finally got the monkey that was the Chicago Blackhawks off their back. It took 7 games and an OT for it to be decided but finally the #1 seed president trophy winning Canucks knocked off the 8th seeded defending champion Blackhawks.

Vancouver has been to the second round before right? Sure they have because the Hawks ended their season in the second round the last two seasons.

According to reports from people in Vancouver the Canucks locker room rounded like they had won the cup. The reporters could hear them celebrating from the hallway before the locker room was open to the media.

Before I go into ripping the douche bags that are on the Canucks I would like to say I'm sorry to Ryan Kesler. He is the only one I know of who stepped up and actually gave the Hawks credit.

"We were up 3-0 against an eighth-seeded team, but that wasn't an eighth-seeded team we were playing," Kesler said. "They were injured for most of the year. They were the Stanley Cup champions. It took a lot for us to defeat them. They have a lot of character on that team."

But while people were burning Hawks' jerseys in the street most of the Canucks were ripping the team that just took them to 7 games and almost made them the answer to a trivia question.

Kevin Bieksa :  "Most of the guys you respect on (the Blackhawks).  There are a couple of those arrogant guys you love shoving in their face."



 How about those Sedin Girls

Daniel: "It means a lot for this group, I think, and this city that we were able to do this, a lot of years you've seen teams crumbling under pressure and not being able to play their game, but we stuck with our game plan. I don't think they had any business being in a seventh game."

Henrik: "They had no business being in the series. We outplayed them badly for five games." 

All these idiotic quotes even made last night's loss worse for me. It was one thing losing to Vancouver but then hearing all this was like throwing gasoline on the fire. I really hope they underestimate the Nashville Predators because that team almost upset the Hawks last year in the first round and are better now. Screw you Vancouver and I can't wait for the Hawks to start destroying you again next season and nothing will have changed because you still will be cupless.