The NHL playoffs has been a huge ride in 2011. There has been 5 series that have gone to Game 7. The Blackhawks huge comeback against Vancouver was not enough to move on. Tampa Bay run has been awesome. They had a rough series against the Penguins. That was one of the series that went to Game 7. But they swept the Capitals in only 4 games. On the other hand, Vancouver had to deal with a game 7 against the Hawks but they made it out of the first rung with an overtime goal by Alexander Burrows. They went to game 6 with Atlanta. Now its Vancouver vs. San Jose in the Western Conference Finals. Also, the Lightning and Boston are in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Western Conference Finals

Quarter Finals

       It all started with: #1 Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks #2 San Jose Sharks vs. #7 Los Angeles Kings #3 Detroit Red Wings vs. #6 Phoenix Coyotes #4 Anaheim Ducks #5 Nashville Predators. We all know that the Blackhawks lost in Game 7 to the Canucks by the overtime goal. The Sharks won in a hard fought series with the Kings. The Red Wings swept the Coyotes. That was a great series to watch. The Coyotes had I think no chance anyway to beat the thriving Red Wings. And last but never the least the Predators won the series against the Ducks in 6 games.


      It was #1 Vancouver Canucks vs. #5 Nashville Predators #2 San Jose Sharks vs. #3 Detroit Red Wings. The Canucks and Predators series was exciting. It went to Game 6 with plenty of fights, goals, and of course wins!!! The Canucks came out on top wile the Thrashers had to go home. And I almost forgot, the Wings vs. Sharks. It went to Game 7. Antti Niemi was just a boss in that series. The Sharks go on to beat the 11 time Stanly Cup winner the Red Wings. Finals Its #1 Vancouver Canucks vs. #3 San Jose Sharks. The series right now is 3-1 Canucks. The Canucks have just been all over the Canucks. Antti Niemi was not playing like we all know he plays. But I think San Jose has a slight chance of making a run to come back in the series.

The Eastern Conference Finals

Quarter Finals

         It all started with #1 Washington Capitals vs. #8 New York Rangers #2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #7 Buffalo Sabers #3 Boston Bruins #6 Montreal Canadians #4 Pittsburg Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning. The Caps on the series in 5 games. I thought the Rangers had no chance of winning the series at all. The Flyers of course wanted to get back to the Stanly Cup. They beat the Sabers in a hard fought series. The series went to Game 7. The Boston Bruins beat the Canadians in 7 games. I personally like the Bruins because of Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara. The Lightning had a wonderful series with the Penguins. That series got decided in 7 games.

Semi Finals

     It was #1 Washington Capitals vs. #5 Tampa Bay Lightning #2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #3 Boston Bruins. Alex Ovechkin is one of the most athletic players in the NHL. But him and his team could not advance. They lost to the Lightning in 4 games!!! The Flyers lost to the Bruins in 4 also. A double sweep in the Eastern Semis!! You do not see that everyday.


    Its #3 Boston Bruins vs. #5 Tampa Bay Lightning. It has gone back and forth with winning the games. Right now the series is 3-2 Boston. They play again tomorrow.