The NHL playoffs has been really fun to watch this year. After all the sweeps, and the 7's, there are now two teams that are competing for the Stanly Cup.


     The Vancouver Canucks will represent the Western Conference. They are the lucky team, the Canucks have home-ice advantage for the Stanly Cup. They are also well rested because the Canucks finished off the series in 5 games with the Sharks while the Bruins had a tough 7 game series with the fierce Tampa Bay Lightning. But I will talk about the Bruins later. The Canucks got this far because of there ability to generate offence. The Vancouver Canucks scored a total of 50 goals in the 2011 NHL playoffs. Over half of the goals are from wins. The players that have been a huge impact are Roberto Luongo, the Sedin brothers, Ryan Kesler, and the person who knocked out the Chicago Blackhawks Alexander Burrows. The Sedin brothers I think did horrible in the series against the Chicago Blackhawks. Roberto Luongo has been the biggest part of the Canucks success. The most he was 5 and the least he allowed was 0. Ryan Kesler has made goal after goal after goal. he is a major part to this team. And last but never the least, Alexander Burrows. Overall he is a great hockey player. He has made some key goals (overtime goal against the Hakws in game 7). He also generates a lot of offence for the Canucks.



     The Boston Bruins will represent the Western Conference. They are on the verge of winning the Stanly Cup if they can pull it together. In the 2011 playoffs, the Bruins have been in 2 series that have gone to game 7 and 1 series (against the Flyers) was a sweep. To get to the Stanly Cup they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. From high scoring game to shutouts, the Bruins were able to beat the Lightning to contend for Lord's Stanly's Cup. Thought the playoffs the bruins have scored a ton. They have scored total of 71 goals!!! that’s 21 more than the Canucks. If they keep this up, they will be scoring like never before. Some huge players for bruins success is Zdeno Chara, Tim Thomas, Patrice Bergeron, and Mark Recch. These are the leaders of the team. they have o lead their team to victory. Tim Thomas is I think the best goalie in the NHL. He needs to step up and make the key saves. Zdeno Chara is the Captain. He needs to be aggressive help out Tim Thomas. Recch and Bergeron are the Alternate Captains. they need to lead their lines to good offence and defense. The Boston Bruins and Vancouver only met once this season. The game was in Vancouver and Boston won 3-1. Vancouver scored their only goal in the first while the Bruins scored 1 in the 2nd and 2 in the 3rd. In the first period Manny Malhotra scored at 16:58. In the second it was all Boston. Nathan Horton scored at 9:56. And finally in the 3rd period, Milan Lucic scored at 15:22 and Patrice Bergeron scored at 18:47. Some other stats are Tim Thomas had 27 saves and Roberto Luongo had 22 saves. Of course this does not affect the Stanly Cup. This game was in February and these teams have changed. That game just gave the teams a look at each other.



     My prediction is Boston will win the series 4-2.