Q.   Bryan, this is for you.  We talked to Patrick and Jonathan about

that  line  last night, and just your thoughts on how good did you all feel

together back in that line?

                  BRYAN BICKELL:  I felt good.  We had some success in the

LA series putting us three together.  I felt we had a good first, but we

didn't vary when we had our opportunities.  But we stuck with it, and we

got a couple goals, and it was nice.


      Q.   Patrick and Brent, can you guys maybe address early in the game,

Bryan  got  a  pretty good shot in on Chara.  He was down on the ice.  Just

that  physicality  early  in the game against Chara, when you see him being

played  physically  like  that.   And  Bryan,  just  address that shift and

wanting to be physical on him.

                  PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, he's a big body, and not really a

guy that many players on our team can probably engage physically, but

Bickell is one of them.  We've seen it throughout the playoffs where he's

had big hits and has created momentum for our team.  I think any time you

can get a chance to lay the body on him, one of our bigger guys, it's big

for the team and can spark us and get us going.

                  Bickell has done that all playoffs.

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  Kane nailed it.

                  BRYAN BICKELL:  Beyond physical, just it's important for

me to open the ice up for my line mates.  He doesn't like getting hit.  Not

a lot of guys attempt it, but to get a hit on him and to see him fall down,

it's rare, but I just needed to keep it going.


      Q.   Pat,  you've  seen  these games have been 2-0, 2-1 and then 6-5.

You've  got  Game 5 coming up.  Where does it go from here?  Can you have a

sense of where this series can go after a 6-5 game?

                  PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I don't really know.  I guess it's

good for the fans to keep watching and keep them guessing for what's next.

                  But we feel we're in a good position.  It's a best of

three series, two of them in our building.  It's been one of those series

that's been pretty bizarre so far as far as overtimes.  Every game has been

close, obviously some have been low scoring, some have been high scoring,

so we'll see what happens next.


      Q.   Brent,  you  scored  an overtime winner to keep your team in the

Playoffs.   Is  there  any way to compare the two or if they feel the same?

Patrick  or  Bryan,  what  it  felt like to see the puck go in and suddenly

you're tied as opposed to down 3-1.

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  you know, they were big goals.  I

thought they were big goals for our team as a group.  Our team fought so

hard in both games.  I was just, I guess, the lucky one to have it going

off my stick.

                  But this team has battled all year.  We had a great

regular season, and we've been playing well in the playoffs.  It's just

nice to get that one last night and even up the series.  I thought going

into the game there was a lot of talk about 2-2 or 3-1, so it was huge for

our group to even up the series and get back to Chicago with the series


                  PATRICK KANE:  I think for me just watching that play,

after Seabrook’s shot, I kind of saw him turn, I didn't know if he knew it

went in and I just started chasing him.

                  But it was a huge feeling.  I think everyone was really

excited after the game.  It's probably the most excited I've seen us after

a win maybe this whole season.  It was nice to get us back in the series.


      Q.   Brent,  you  seem  to  have  a  bit  of a history and a bit of a

penchant  for scoring these kinds of goals, and I'm just wondering, are you

an  ice-in-the-veins  kind of guy, or what is it that seems to bring you to

the  fore?   And I'm wondering, Patrick, if you can talk a little bit about

having a guy like that on your team and what that means.

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  I don't know about that.  You know, I've

just been shooting the puck to be completely honest.  You get a chance, you

get a lane and you try and put it on net, and they've gone in.  I don't

think I've got ice in my veins or anything like that.  I'm just playing a


                  I love overtime.  I think it's such a great part of the

game, especially in the playoffs when you play until one team scores.  I

think it's such an exciting part and such an exciting part of the game.

                  I grew up loving it, and just to be able to get

opportunities and play in games like that, they're a lot of fun, and

everything is right on the line.  I think I definitely try and raise my

game in overtime and try and be better.


      Q.  I know Duncan seems to get a lot of the accolades and everything,

but I'm wondering if Brent probably maybe deserves a little bit more.

                  PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I mean, he's a huge part of our

team, definitely defensive core, and he's had some big goals obviously this

Playoffs.  But I think one of the things about our team is our depth.

We've talked about it the whole year where contributions from everyone are

huge for our team's success.

                  You’ve seen that last night with guys like Kruger

chipping in and Seabrook scoring the overtime winner.  We've seen that shot

from Seabrook before on Quick in the LA series, too.  It's huge to get

those contributions from anyone.


      Q.  This is for Brent.  I was wondering, was there a point where guys

on the bench were starting to say, like, Hey, we're going to get our space,

we're  going to have space tonight, there's room out there?  And why do you

think that was the case?  Why did you have so much time and space?

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  I don't think anybody was talking about

it on the bench or anything like that.  It was something that we wanted to

try and establish early, was playing as a group, playing as a five-man unit

on the ice, tight together, close, moving with speed, moving the puck well.

Our forwards were doing a great job of back checking last They were

unbelievable.  They really got the game going for all of us.  I don't think

we were talking about anything like that.  We were just trying to play and

play our game and play with speed.

                  Things did open up a little bit, but I thought we did a

good job of opening up and coming back for support, supporting the D.  We

were able to hit the forwards with speed.  Our forwards are unbelievable at

skating through neutral zone with speed, making little passes,

give-and-goes and things like that, and I thought they created a lot for



      Q.   You  guys wear one of the most famous uniforms in all of sports.

What  does it mean to you guys to follow in the footsteps of Bobby Hull and

Stan Mikita, guys who have statues outside this building?

                  BRYAN BICKELL:  You know, growing up to be a Leafs fan,

original six, and then you look at this Hawks jersey, it's a great honor to

represent it.  I believe it's the best logo in sports.  You know, to have

these guys beside me and then you mention Hull and Mikita and those guys

have a statue out here, it's a great history we have here and it's great to

be a part of it.

                  PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I think Bickell nailed it.  I think

it's one of the best logos in hockey and in all of sports.  I think we take

a lot of pride playing here.  It's got a lot of great history.

                  I know growing up for myself playing in Vancouver as a

kid and everybody wanting to have a Canucks jersey, we played on a summer

hockey team when I was nine and we were the Blackhawks.  It just goes to

show how many people love the uniform and want to be associated with the

uniform.  I think the colors along with the logo are just awesome.


      Q.   For any or all of you, Corey Crawford has had so few off nights,

he's  been so good so consistently.  What's his mindset after yesterday and

what makes you think he'll be able to bounce back as he has been?

                  PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, he's been great for us all Playoffs,

all year.  A couple tough breaks last night, especially when we had the

lead at 3-1 or 4-2, Boston is going to open up a little bit.  I think for

us that we can play better defensively, maybe get in some shooting lanes

and block some of those shots.

                  But I don't think we're worried about Crow at all.  Just

talked to him afterward and he seemed to be in a good state.  He just

seemed to be happy we won the game, so I don't worry about his confidence

at all.


      Q.   Brent, at times in the Playoffs already this year we've seen you

go  over  the blocks and calm Jonathan down when he was kind of losing it a

little  bit.   He  talked last night about you sort of giving him the daily

pep talk leading up to the last few games as he's been in a little bit of a

slump.   We  don't think of him as a guy that lacks confidence or ever gets

too high or too low.  But can you talk about the relationship that you have

and why you've felt that that was a good thing to do?

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  I don't know.  To be completely honest,

I was sick and tired of hearing everybody talk about everything that Johnny

is doing right.  He's a great player.  He's one of the best in the league,

and I just told him that he's got to stop thinking about that, too.  He's

got to stop thinking about everything that he's doing right and stop

worrying about not scoring goals.

                  I mean, he's got to score goals for us.  He's a big part

of our team.  When he's going, we have a chance to win as well as Kane and

Sharp and Hossa and Bickell, all our forwards have to be going, and I knew

he was going to be playing great.

                  It wasn't about the little things that he does.  It

wasn't about his leadership that he brings.  I just thought that maybe he

needed to start thinking about scoring goals.

                  You know, it was big for him last game.  I thought it was

huge to get that goal, and then I think it definitely lifted up the boys

and sort of got him rolling there.  So it was good.


      Q.   Brent,  Nick  obviously has had his minutes reduced a little bit

and  you  went  through that early in the year.  It's obviously tough for a

veteran,  but  for a young guy, I imagine it's even more difficult.  Do you

try  to  relate  or  encourage him that maybe we can still use you and keep

your head up throughout this series?

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  Yeah, Nick is a great player.  He brings

a lot to the table.  You know, that was a coaching move last night that

happened, and Nick is a great kid.  You know, he works hard.  He battles,

and he's got to keep his head up, like you said, and just keep going.

                  He's got such a great talent that anything can happen

when he's out there on the ice.  He's got great legs, he can shoot the puck

real well, he's got a good hockey sense.  I think for Nick, just in talking

with him and a few of the boys, just told him to keep his head up and keep

going, and I think that's the biggest thing for Leddy.


      Q.   Patrick,  to  go three games and especially in games 2 and 3, to

play  defensive  games and then to finally get that goal last night, what's

it  like  to see the puck get in the net and know that you dented the score

sheet?   Does  it  loosen you up, take a little pressure off?  And then for

Bryan,  when  you  get  your line mates, Patrick and Jonathan both scoring,

what does it do for the morale and psyche of the team?

                  PATRICK KANE:  Well, first and foremost, it's always

exciting to score goals, especially in the Stanley Cup Final.

                  So that being said, I think it was a big goal for our

team, especially going up 3-1.  You feel like you're in good shape at the

time.  Obviously we didn't know what was in store for us the rest of the

game, but it's always good to score.

                  As an offensive player that's what you want to do and

what you're supposed to do on the ice is produce.  You know, our line was

on the ice for three goals that we had yesterday.  I thought all of them

were pretty big goals, Toews, myself and obviously Seabrook in overtime, so

it's good to be out there and contribute.

                  BRYAN BICKELL:  Yeah, I need to be physical, give them

open ice, give them time, get in front.  I think the first three games we

were pretty easy on Rask to let him see the puck.  For second and third

opportunities last night, me and Jonathan were in there mixing it up, and

Kane is dishing and shooting and doing his outside work.

                  But to see those guys score, I know it sparks the bench

and definitely the team.


      Q.   Pat,  and  if  it  applies,  Bryan.   A lot of people talk about

different  line  combinations.  How often do you go to Joel or an assistant

and say, Try this and put me with Johnny or whatever.

                  PATRICK KANE:  No, I didn't do that.  I don't think

anyone does that to be honest with you.  You let the coaches figure that

stuff out.  There's different match-ups and every team you’re playing

against is different, especially as the playoffs go on.  You can see from

their mindset what they were thinking the first three games.

                  But it was fun to play with these guys last night.

Whoever we're out there with, we think we have a great team.  Pretty much

all of us have played with each other throughout the past few years, so

everyone knows each other's strengths and what they can do out there.  So

you get used to it.

                  There has been a lot of line changes and switches the

past few years.  This year, not so much.  But whoever you're out there

with, it doesn't really matter.  You just want to contribute.


      Q.   Patrick  and  Brent,  you  guys  talked  a little bit about back

checking  and  defense from last night.  How big of a priority is it to get

back to limiting chances on the other end as good as you are in transition?

                  BRENT SEABROOK:  Huge.  It's big for our team to play at

both ends of the rink.  You know, we've taken pride in our defensive game

all year.  I think some penalty kill goals last game, I think that's

uncharacteristic of our group, and we've got to shore that up for the next

game.  We're not going to be able to score six against Boston every night.

                  I said it last night, we've got to be expected to come

out and win a Game 1-0, 2-1.  Those are the kind of games that are going to

be going forward here, and we've got to be better in all zones.


      Q.   Patrick  and  Bryan, you scored five goals last night when Chara

was  on  the  ice, not even close to happening in any other game.  What did

you  do differently against him?  Seemed like you forced him to turn a lot,

forced him to move a lot.  Is it fair to say that's part of the game plan?

                  PATRICK KANE:  To be honest with you, we didn't really

talk too much about him before the game.  He's a tough player to play

against.  He's got a huge reach, and obviously he uses his size to his


                  But against him, I think sometimes you worry so much

about who you're playing against that it goes to your disadvantage.  You

just want to play the game.  It so happened we scored five goals against

him.  I don't think you'll see that in any other game this series.

                  But you look at Frolik’s and Kruger's goals, that was a

great play two-on-one, you get a great goal five-on-three, five-on-four

there and a couple lucky breaks off rebounds and point shots.  I guess the

biggest thing is just try to get to the net and see what happens.

                  BRYAN BICKELL:  Yeah, it is kind of funny that he had

five goals, but he's a great defenseman.  For us, I think we executed our

game plan against him with his reach, just get pucks behind him, just to

try to get him moving in front.  I know he's a big body.  If he's in front,

with me or Toews or whoever, it's going to make it harder for the goalie to

see it.

                  I think we got inside the box and got our second and

third opportunities.  It was huge, and just finished our checks.  I know he

doesn't like to get hit, so we just need to keep that up.