Q.  What  is  the  difference between this team and 2010 Championship


      PATRICK SHARP: You feel like you can walk into any hockey locker room

at  any  level  and  it's very similar. You have the same kind of character

guys. I don't want to keep going back to 2010, but everybody's with friends

on and off the ice. You can say that this year as well. We've been together

for two seasons.

      When  there's  change  in  your  roster,  it's  tough  to  build that

chemistry and camaraderie, so very similar.


      Q.  How  important  is  it  to  be  able to sleep in your own beds to


      PATRICK  SHARP:  It  was  nice.  It  was  an  exciting game. I had to

apologize  to Kaner for not celebrating too much. I was too tired, couldn't

use my energy.

      Had a couple days to relax, take care of some things off the ice. The

finals,  you  kind  of  compare  it  to a Super Bowl almost, taking care of

tickets, family and friends who come in for the game.

      Get that stuff out of the way, just focus on hockey.


      Q. (Question regarding the goalies.)

      PATRICK  SHARP: Seems like we ask that question at the start of every

series.  The  goalies  are so important this time of year, whether it's the

individual  guy  in  the net making the saves or how well teams are playing


      You  look  at Boston, they don't give up a whole lot. Doing what they

did  to the Penguins is impressive. Rask is a big part of that. They have a

good team system and they all commit to doing that.


      Q. (Question regarding the lines.)

      PATRICK  SHARP:  Yeah, that's Coach Q to a T. He has a great feel for

us  as players, what we can bring to a particular game, upcoming game. He's

done  a  good  job  of  scouting  teams we're playing, looking at different


      I  think  all  of  us as players, we're comfortable playing with each

other.  We're  used to being thrown around in different combinations and we

all trust that Joel picks the right ones.


      Q. (Question regarding Chara.)

      PATRICK  SHARP: Yeah, there's always guys you focus on and key in on,

address  prior  to  the  game.  A  guy  like  Chara, he's so big, physical,

skilled.  But  the  thing  that impresses me the most about him is his work

ethic and leadership skills.

      He's  a  guy  that  if you happen to get him one shift, he's going to

come  back  and play even harder. He's a tough guy to play against. We know

that going into the series. We've seen guys like that every series.


      Q.  Were  you  surprised how they were able to shut down Pittsburgh's


      PATRICK  SHARP:  You  look  at those two teams, they're pretty evenly

matched.  Playoffs, it's so hard to score goals, put up big numbers, get to

the net.

      Seems  like  the  more  importance  that's  put  on  a game, the more

tight-checking it is out there.

      To see the low scoring really wasn't a surprise. They have two of the

best players in the world. Shows you how well Boston is playing right now.