Q.  Are you looking forward to playing against Chara

      MARIAN HOSSA:  It's going to be really interesting.  Obviously we are

good friends.  He's my neighbor.  He lives right across the street.

      But  this coming up two weeks, that has to go on the side and we just

have  to play the roles.  I’m going to play my game, he's going to play his

game.  I'm sure right after we'll be friends again.

      It's  going to be hard two weeks, hard battle.  It's going to be also

fun and I really looking forward to it.


      Q.  What are the main challenges of playing against Chara?

      MARIAN HOSSA:  He's the biggest guy on the ice.  His stick is so big.

If  you  don't  move  your feet, he's going to hurt you, he's going to come

close to you and pin you on the board.  You have to make sure you're moving

your feet, stop and start.

      It's  not  easy.   But  if  it's possible, it's better to play on the

other side.


      Q.  What makes Coach Q an effective coach?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   I  think  he got great personality.  He's a players'

coach.   He's  easygoing.   He  will bring the best from the player.  He'll

leave you play your game.  But you have to do what he says defensively.

      I think he's been great to the players.  Players realize that.  There

is not that many coaches like that.


      Q.  Treats you like grown-ups?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:  Oh, definitely.  He trusts us, but also on the return

he want to see the results obviously.

      It's  been great communication between the players and him during the

whole  year,  and  also  during the whole career I've been here.  It's been



      Q.  What do you think of the match-up

      MARIAN  HOSSA:  Yeah, last three years both teams been in the Stanley

Cup Finals.  There's lots of players experienced this moment, how to handle


      It's going to be great series.  Just because there is few new players

for  each  team, you know, but not as many, it's for both teams pretty much


      It's going to be really interesting series and really looking forward

to it.


      Q.   How  much  of  the  success  in the series will be predicated on

finding a way to get past Chara?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   Well,  we know he's going to play almost half a game

each  night.  He's their top guy.  The team is around him.  So, like I said

before,  he's  going  to  hurt  you  if  you  don't move your feet.  If you

standing still, you have to shift him.  You can take advantage stopping and

starting, it's harder for him to move because he's so big.

      He's  unbelievable.   He's  one of the best defensemen.  We know it's

going  to  be battle against him, but we have to find a way somehow to deal

with him.


      Q.   Knowing  him  as  you  do,  is  there anything you might have an

advantage against him, next-door neighbor and all that?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   I try to joke with him because he like to be serious

all the time on the ice.  I know he doesn't like to talk on the ice.  I try

to throw some funny stories on the faceoff, make him laugh a little bit.


      Q.  Did it just wind up that way?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   Yeah, we are friends, neighbors.  We know each other

such  a  long  time,  obviously.   We  play together when we go back to the

junior in Slovakia.  I know Z a long time.


      Q.   After  the  playoffs last year, how long did it take you to feel


      MARIAN  HOSSA:   Tell  you  the  true,  when I start feeling right, I

thought  I  was  right when I was coming here after the convention.  I come

here  to work out.  As soon as I was skating, start doing more exercises on

the ice, I realize that's not me.

      For  me,  it  worked  out  there  was a lockout so I could took extra

couple months to skate on my own, get into shape.  Also I was doing bicycle

and you just pedaling, right?

      As  soon  as I go on the ice, all of a sudden there was bunch of guys

skating  beside  me.   There is so many new things, the puck is coming your

way,  you  have  to  shoot, skate, watch the players.  So many things going

through your mind.  I knew I wasn't ready for it.

      It  worked  for  me there was a lockout.  I could go back and take my

time.  When the season start, I was ready.


      Q.  Did you ever think that might be it for you hockey-wise?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   You  know, there was some mind, you think about that

thing  obviously.   You  have  so  much  time off, you start thinking about

different things.

      So,  yeah,  that  crossed  my  mind  also.  I knew when I was getting

better,  that  a  good  sign.   I  took my time.  I was getting really much

better.  I was pleased I had so much time to take my time and I was back to



      Q.  What's it like being in your fourth final in six seasons?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   It  never gets old.  It's always fun to be here with

you guys answering these questions (smiling).

      This is a great moment.  It's even better when there is the last game

you win.  It would be great again.  Looking forward to it.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      MARIAN HOSSA:  You know, somebody said I was choosing good teams when

I was free agent.

      But  now I sign long-term.  We have a great group of guys.  We find a

way  after  a  couple years to go to the Finals again.  This year was great

year for us.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      MARIAN HOSSA:  They just prove they have strong defensive game.  They

play  such a great team game.  We have to be really disciplined.  By that I

mean  we  have  to  play  five-man  unit  up and down.  We just cannot have

turnovers.   We  cannot just go one against three in the neutral zone.  The

bluelines are crucial for turnovers because they can hurt you.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   This season was a great story, great start.  We felt

like  after so many wins we had something special here.  Joel did excellent

job  to  roll four lines, feel like the first couple lines had more energy,

so  they  didn't have to play as many minutes the first two years after the


      I  think  that's  great, we can roll four lines.  Everybody is in the

game.  We feel like we have more energy.


      Q.  Compare this year’s team to the Cup team

      MARIAN  HOSSA:  There are some similarities.  A little different type

of  players,  different  size players.  But there is pretty much everything

what we had there in 2010.


      Q.   Anything  different  about  this  year  coming  back  this year?

Greater appreciation getting to this Final as opposed to the other ones?

      MARIAN  HOSSA:   I  always  appreciate  when I make it to the Finals.

This time of year, still playing hockey.  It's been great.

      I  know  what  you're asking.  I definitely appreciate it.  I'm still

healthy,  I  can  play  on  a high level.  Like I said before, I was glad I

could return and be myself.  I'm here now.