Q.        Any idea of what happened to Crawford’s mask?   

DAN BYLSMA:  I don’t know anything about it. 

Q.        What do you think the conditions are right now?   

DAN BYLSMA:  I think as we speak right now it's starting to snow a little bit out there.  Am I correct?  Yeah, so I think, I don't like to do this, but the weatherman said it's going to be snowing during the game, so I think you're going to be looking at -- I don't think in terms of the amount of snow that's coming down, but you're going to have snow coming down and snow on the ice, that may be an extra strain in the game.  But possibly conditions that are similar to what we saw in Ann Arbor, and I guess there are some conditions to do with the outdoors and the situation, and the cameramen. 

        Q.  If you switch sides in the third period, do you analyze it enough to take advantage of the extra breaks? 

DAN BYLSMA:  Yeah, but the possibility of the change at the ten minute mark, and the possibility of a change in the third period due at the ten-minute mark due to the wind conditions.  It's no different than in a normal game when you're approaching a TV timeout you know you're going to have a 45-second rest in the game, so you can try to take advantage of a shift change or a match-up if it's possible, and this is just another one of those that may be in the game due to the wind or the snow that's coming down.  So that's -- you try to plan for those, but sometimes you go right through it with no whistles, and you don't get what you anticipate.  But, yes, you look at that as a chance to add another shift or get a match-up with some of your key guys. 

        Q.  Can you comment on the job Todd Reirden has done with the power play since he came on board? 

DAN BYLSMA:  I'd love to.  Todd has been in charge of our power play for the last couple years, and I think the last couple years it's been first, second or third for most of the time in those time periods.  It's been at a pretty astounding clip, 25% or so over the last couple years.  You know, Todd is a huge, huge part of that power play in terms of setting it up, and setting the stage for those guys. 
        We have great players with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, James Neal.  I think the perception is anyone can make a power play with those guys, but that's not always been the case for our team.  Todd, with those guys, has really set a great stage and a great environment and a framework for them to be able to go out and not just be a skilled power play unit that you have with Crosby and Malkin, but they're really maybe the most tenacious part of our team is those guys out there on the power play and how they work and how they recover pucks.  That's really, really the job done by not just the players on the ice, but Todd and what he's set-up for that group.