Q.  Patrick, if I can bring you back to that day between Game 3 and

Game 4 against LA and you sat there for a long time and talked about

watching video and you were sort of trying to rebuild your confidence at

that time, and ever since that point, the goals poured in.  What was the

difference from that time to tonight?

      PATRICK KANE:  You know, I don't really have a specific answer.

Especially I think it was Game 4 in LA, I knew I needed to get the puck and

start moving with it and try to create some chances.  It ended up working

out.  I mean, you're playing with two great players with Toews and Bickell.

They made hockey really easy the past couple weeks for me.

      We actually came up with a name for myself this morning, calling me

the 'Benefish', for the beneficiary of all their hard work.  I had a couple

chances to finish and ended up doing that, so got to give them the credit.


      Q.  A lot of the team turned over between 2010 and now, but what does

it mean for the core guys to have won twice now?

      PATRICK KANE:  I think there's something about our core.  Hopefully

we can stay together a long time, because that's two Cups in four years,

and we seem to only be getting better and better as players as time goes on


      It's unbelievable to be in this situation.  There's role players on

the 2010 team that meant a lot to us that couldn't stay for us for the next

year.  I think nine or ten or 11 guys got moved, and the Blackhawks did a

great job of drafting and filling in those holes.  You look at guys they

drafted:  Saad, Shaw, a big trade for Leddy who's going to be a big player

in the future.  And then just little signings like Rozsival, picking up

Stålberg who's got great speed.  We can go up and down the line and name

off guys and how they contributed to this team and this game.  It's just a

great group, and it's going to be fun to celebrate with them.


      Q.  What can you say about the play of your captain tonight, and

could you tell in warm-ups that injuries were not going to be a problem for

him tonight?

      PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I knew it.  I knew it maybe yesterday.  He's a

great player.  He's played big in a lot of big games.  He won the Conn

Smythe our last Playoffs and was awesome in that Olympic gold medal game

and made some big plays tonight, a big goal, a big pass to Bickell to tie

it up, and he’s just a competitor.

      That's really all you can say about Jonathan Toews is he's a

competitor, and he leads the team in the right way, and we all follow.