Q.  Do you have an update on Toews?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Toews, we're hopeful he'll be ready next game,

upper body.  We'll see how he is tomorrow.


      Q.  Looked like he was kind of bending your ear to get back in the

game.  Was he trying to get back in?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I checked on him a couple times there.  I think

he wanted to play, but we'll see.


      Q.  Joel, what does it say about this series when just about the best

player on both teams weren't able to finish tonight?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, it's been a war.  It's been a battle.  It's

every game, every shift you're fighting for every kind of shift around the

ice.  It's a fast paced game.  You look at every minute from Game 1 to

where we're at today, it's been an amazing series, and relentless hockey,

and I commend the guys on both teams for leaving it out on the ice.


      Q.  Can you talk about the play of Corey tonight.

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Rock solid.  You know, I think everybody was

asking going into it, Corey just moves forward.  He's big, he moves, he

anticipates, and nothing bothers him, and just looks to look after the next



      Q.  Was any one single hit that took Jonathan out or was it a

cumulative thing?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I don't think it was a defining blow.  I'm not

sure exactly the incident.


      Q.  Would you say that your speed is starting to take over as opposed

to their size and strength?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I don't know.  They're still dangerous off the

attack.  They're still good in their zone.  I still thought we did some

good things in the last couple games off the attack, but I still think

that's one of our strengths.

      We want to make sure we get on the forecheck and try to spend some

time in their end.  I thought earlier in the game, a little too much

neutral zone play.  But making them turn is important.


      Q.  Was it the Boychuk hit that got Jonathan?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I'm not sure.


      Q.  Any sense of when Patrick has a game like this that it's coming,

and what can you say about his performance?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, I think he gets excited playing with

Bickell and Toews, two games in the last series, two games, just seemed to

be a little chemistry there.  They get excited about that togetherness, and

they seem to read off each other.

      Everybody brings a little bit something different to the party, and

they scored two huge goals for us tonight.


      Q.  Toews being able to stay on the bench a positive sign for him?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I think so.


      Q.  How many players score the first goal, how many people have the

skill to do that?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We think everybody on our team could score the

first goal.


      Q.  No, the goal the way it was scored.

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  No, Krugs kind of scored a comparable one the

last game, quick hands above the goal line, putting it in.  But plays

around the net, he scored a comparable goal with quick hands last game.

He's dangerous.


      Q.  Does Kane have that kind of special skill?  We've obviously seen

him score some big goals, but to be there at the right place at the right

time, is that a result of playing with these guys so much and knowing where

the puck is going to bounce?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, Kaner has got high-end skill.  He's

dangerous with the puck, his anticipation without it offensively is high

end.  I think reading off those guys in the offensive zone has been very

effective for him.

      But guys that have that kind of innate skill of scoring and being a

top player, they anticipate like the rest of us would like to.


      Q.  Jonathan had some comments earlier about wanting to be aggressive

at Chara and go at Chara.  You seemed to kind of back him up.  You put him

out there for the first shift against that group and you had him out there

against that group quite a bit.  Can you talk a bit about that confidence

to put him out there in that situation?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think it's comparable to the way the game was

played last game in Boston.  Those guys saw a lot of one another, be it the

offensive lines or the back end.  I think that line offensively against us

is a dangerous line, as well.

      So there's a lot to be said not worrying about offensively, but

you've got to contend defensively against a great line or a good line and

be aware.


      Q.  You've talked throughout the season just how Crawford has bounced

back when he's had bad games.  Did you see that again today and did you

feel at all that he wanted to prove himself?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I don't know if there's anything that changed his

approach or his demeanor over the last couple days.  I thought he handled

everything fine, good practice yesterday, good morning skate, excited.

Didn't change at all.  He looked forward to the game, and he seemed to have

the same approach and rapport that we've seen all year long.


      Q.  58 percent in the face-off circle tonight, obviously after the

Game 3 when you guys were bad there you improved in Game 4, really good

tonight.  What's been the difference when you watch it?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, an awareness to what they're doing.

Bergeron didn't play a lot of the game.  That probably was the big factor

in that regard.


      Q.  Can we assume that because he was on the bench in the third

period, Jon's injury is not concussion related, or is that something you'll

continue to monitor?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  No, we're just hoping that he's going to be ready

to play.  We'll see how he is.  We're hopeful he can play.


      Q.  Especially in that first period it seemed that Chara and their

top players were, Lucic as well, trying to go hard after Jonathan and even

Bickell to a lesser degree.  Did you notice that it was happening to a

larger degree?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Physically I think we've got to respond the right

way.  I think we've got to utilize our speed going into puck areas, don't

get distracted going into where we had to go.  Bickell had a couple of big

hits on one shift that really got things going, too, as well.

      But I think that they could be more physical than us, but at the same

time just don't get distracted.  We've got to go and travel, and I thought

that's been the case.