Q.   Brent,  walk  us through that last goal.  Was it close your eyes

and shoot?

      BRENT SEABROOK:  No (smiling).  I like shooting in that spot.  But to

be  honest,  I was just trying to get it past the center man, their forward

coming  out  and  trying  to block it.  They do such a good job of blocking

shots, getting in the way, getting in lanes.

      I  just  tried  to  get  it  past  the  first guy.  I thought all the

forwards  on the ice, Kane made a great play putting it on the ice, Bickell

tried  putting it there, it bounced around a little bit, our forwards did a

good job of getting in front and boxing out.  It was just a great play.


      Q.   Jonathan,  I'm  sure  everybody is going to be talking about the

goal for you tonight, how it must have felt good to score.  I'd like to ask

you  about Chara on the winning goal, how you were screening Rask.  You won

that  one-on-one battle with Chara.  Talk about the impact you made on that


      JONATHAN TOEWS:  I definitely have to give credit to Seabrook for the

shot  he  made.   Maybe  Rask  didn't  see  it at first.  I think I kind of

pivoted and maybe let him see it.  Obviously it was a little too late.

      For  the  most  part  there's just those little battles, whether it's

with Chara or their other defensemen.  All our forwards were really keen on

winning them tonight.  We made a point of it in our locker room.  We scored

a couple goals off of that.

      Kane's goal came from two guys being in front with traffic.  When you

have  two  guys  going into the net, you're bound to get the rebound.  Kane

got  the  second  rebound.   Big  shot  by Seabrook tonight.  Same thing on

Sharp's  goal.   We  were  just around the net.  We were getting inside and

found the rebounds.

      Ugly goals, we don't care.  We'll find a way.  It's something we need

to keep doing.


      Q.   Patrick,  this  game  was  such a departure from the first three

games of the series.  Was it a little unnerving how they kept coming back?

      PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, you know, you think you have a good lead at 3-1.

They  make  the  3-2.  We score a big goal the next shift.  4-2.  Then they

score  on a power play.  It was just kind of back and forth the rest of the


      I guess it was just our turn to score again.

      Like  Sharp  said,  it  was a fun game to play.  At the same time you

want  to  preserve  those  leads  and  play  better when you do have those,

especially late in the game.  I'm sure the fans enjoyed that for sure.


      Q.  Jonathan, how much fun was it to play in a wide-open kind of game

like that?

      JONATHAN TOEWS:  Like Kane said, every time we scored, I think we had

a  couple  times  where  we  had  two-goal  leads.   I  wouldn't say we got

comfortable,  but  we  definitely need to focus on being smarter and better

defensively in that situation.

      We  let  them bounce back too quickly.  When we get that momentum, we

have  to  hold onto it a little bit longer.  It was just a couple defensive

plays here and there.  If we get in shooting lanes, if we don't allow those

shots  from  the point to come in, we can do a better job in front of Corey

and help him out a little bit better, keep that momentum, like I said.

      Sometimes  it's  not  easy,  especially in this building when you let

them  come back and score a goal, they feel they're right back in the game.

That's something definitely we want to do better in the next one.


      Q.   How  much  of a lift do you get before the game knowing Hossa is

back in the lineup?

      BRENT SEABROOK:  Yeah, I think Hoss has a lot of pride.  He was upset

with not being able to play last game.

      He  battled  the  last  couple days to get prepared and get ready for

tonight.   It  was  a  big lift for the boys, I think.  Just to see him out

there  battling  and skating, working as hard as he does all the time, it's

definitely nice to see.


      Q.   Jonathan, you said this morning, it's bothered you, the scoring,

you  feel  you need to be more accountable.  Scoring today, do you feel you

broke through and did what you had to?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:  Absolutely.  I think it makes a world of difference

for you when you finally see one go in.

      I’ve  got  to say this, the last couple days Seabrook has been coming

up  to me, asking me what I'm thinking about.  You know, I have to give him

the right answer.  I'm thinking about scoring a goal (smiling).

      He's  been  trying to help me out, make me think a little bit better,

have  those  positive  thoughts.  You work hard, eventually you're going to

find a way.  Tonight was one of those games, we treated it as a Game 7.  We

weren't going to be denied.

      So I felt that same way, too.  It's time to put all those other games

behind  us,  the  games  where we struggled to score, forget about it, just

find a way to do what you do.

      It was fun to see the puck go in as often as it did tonight.  We know

we  can  be  better defensively.  But we'll use that confidence and try our

best  to  pounce on them in Game 6 here -- Game 5, sorry.  Getting ahead of

myself (laughter).


      Q.   Brent,  is  this a question of trying to win games your way, not

try to win games the way they play?

      BRENT SEABROOK:  I mean, we just want to win games.  At this point of

the  season,  it's down to best-of-three.  We want to win games, find a way

to win 'em any way we can.

      Obviously  we  like  when  we're playing with speed, trying to play a

puck-possession  game,  get  down  low,  create chances.  That's when we're

playing at our best.

      Both  these guys have been saying we got to be better defensively, as

well.  We’ve got to be prepared to win a game 1-0 or 2-1.  That's what it's

got to come down to.

      Boston  is  a  great  team.   They play a solid style of play.  We're

going to have to shore up our D zone and be better at that.


      Q.   Patrick,  can  you  talk  about being back with Jonathan on that

line?  At times was it a mystery to you why you weren't on the same line?

      PATRICK  KANE:   Well,  I  think  from  a coaching standpoint, you're

always  looking  for  different matchups.  You can understand where they're

coming from when they split us up after the last series.

      I  thought  it  was a game that we needed to get some excitement.  It

was  a  big  goal  by  Handzus  starting us off.  I thought all three of us

played  pretty  well,  had  some  goals.   Contributed  the  way we want to


      At the same time just playing with each other for the first time in a

little  while  again,  we  feel  we can get even better and learn what each

other does after playing a game like that.

      It would be nice to get a little more offensive zone time, keep it in

their  end,  play  better  than tonight.  But you have to be happy with our



      Q.   Jonathan,  you have taken more shots than they have in each game

of  the series, in some stretches by a wide margin.  Do you have a sense of

that  during  the  course of the game or do you still feel like you need to

get even more rubber towards the net?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   I  think  maybe  in the game tonight we definitely

worked  really  hard at creating the chances that we did.  The chances that

we  got,  the  goals that we scored, weren't turnover plays by them or just

lucky  bounces  by us, they were goals that we were moving the puck around,

we  shot  it,  we  got  rebounds,  we recovered the puck, we kept it moving

around and finally scored a goal.

      We have scoring chances, attempts to shoot the puck, we never want to

pass  that  up.  It's something that we always tell ourselves, that there's

not  a  better  play.   The  best  place  to shoot is on net.  We need guys

crashing.   That's  the  way  we  played tonight, and we got success off of



      Q.   Brent,  game  winner  against Detroit in Game 7, overtime winner

tonight.  Are you beginning to relish these moments?

      BRENT  SEABROOK:   It's  exciting.  Everybody worked so hard tonight,

everybody's  worked  so  hard through the playoffs, we're all contributing.

It  doesn't  matter if I score or anybody else scores, it's nice to get the

win and move on to the next day.

      I  think  it's  definitely  exciting to score in an overtime game, an

overtime goal.  But at the end of the day it's just a win and we still need

two more, so...


      Q.   Patrick  and  Jonathan, so much of the narrative going into this

game  was  about  Zdeno  Chara,  the  effect  he was having on this series.

Tonight it seemed like you really pierced the armor there.  I don't want to

put words in your mouth.  Your body language on the ice was almost like you

were saying, never mind this guy, we're just going to go out and play.  I'm

wondering if that was your attitude going into this game.

      PATRICK  KANE:   I think that was the way for the whole team.  That's

the  way  you  want to look at things.  I think we played so well as a team

all  year,  just  getting back to our game, playing with speed like you saw

out there, not worrying so much about what they do.

      Obviously  you  got  to  be  aware  of who you're on the ice against,

whether  it's  Chara  with  his reach, Krejci, Bergeron, whoever it may be,

they're great players, they're going to have offensive chances.

      If  we can be responsible defensively, try to create anything you can

against him because he's such a good defenseman and big body, it's going to

be huge for our line.

      You  know  you're going to see a lot of him.  The biggest thing is to

try to keep it away from him.  If you're matched up against him, try to win

that battle and make some plays.

      I  think  we've  done  it  for  a long time in our careers, so no use

backing down now, I guess.

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   I  agree  with a lot of what Kane says.  Credit to

Chara,  he's  one  of their key players.  He's a great player.  We know his

number one advantage is his size, reach and strength.

      I think at the same time you can't give him too much respect and want

to  compensate  the  way  you  play as a line considering the fact he's out

there against you guys.

      I  mean,  there's  certain  ways  you  can  expose  him.  I think the

dumpings that we made tonight were going to his side.  We made sure we were

out numbering him everywhere we went, taking away his stick first thing.

      We  just  try  not to be intimidated by his size.  You have to get to

the net, find a way inside, not be, like I said, intimidated by that.

      We can out-work him, and we did that tonight, and we want to continue



      Q.   When  Joel  put  you  together  in  Game 4 against the Kings, it

worked.  Then Kane gets the hat trick.  Why does it work right away when he

puts you, Patrick and Bickell together?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:  First, I think Kane and I have played together over

so  many  years  now,  and  I  think whenever we get the chance to get back

together,  we  complement  each other because we play very different games.

But we do a lot of good little things out there to help each other out.

      A  lot  of credit goes to Bickell.  He's having a great playoffs.  We

work  hard,  get  the  puck back, get chances, we're cycling the puck, he's

playing  smart  hockey.   He's not giving the puck away.  He's holding onto

it,  keeping the play alive.  He had a heck of a shot late in the game that

hit the crossbar.  When the two of us can make some plays and open up space

for him, he's a dangerous guy, too.

      The  three  of us have been playing well together and we want to keep

that work ethic going.


      Q.   Patrick  and Jonathan, that second period, what is going through

your  mind?  How important was it for both of you to get into that dressing

room with a 4-3 lead?

      PATRICK  KANE:   Yeah, well, for me, you don't want to take a penalty

in the offensive zone.  I was a little disappointed in myself for that.

      But,  yeah, when you see them moving the puck in our end, I think one

of  our  guys,  Duncan  lost  a  stick, Johnny gave him his stick, whenever

you're  down like that, it's almost like you're playing a penalty kill.  It

was huge to get out of that with a lead.