Q.  How are you feeling? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  I feel good.  I'm going to be ready.  I think I'm in, ready to go. I'm excited.  Feel good. 


        Q.  What have the last couple days been like for you? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  Just trying to get ready for Game 2 like any other player here.  Just looking at clips, what we need to do better. But I feel good personally. 


        Q.  When you came out, how much pain were you in?  How long has it taken you to get back to where you're close? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  I'm not in any pain.  I feel good.  Like I said, I'm ready to play. That's it.  I'm just excited to get going here. 


        Q.  What actually happened? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  Respectfully, I'm not going to talk about it.  Like I said, I'm ready to play and excited to be back. 


        Q.  You're in for tonight, everything is good. And Doc said you are good and ready to go? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  I'm good.  Ready to be back.  Ready to go. 


        Q.  How tough was it watching two and a half periods of overtime? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  It was tough.  It was a long game.  But obviously we didn't come out on the right end of it.  We got a chance to turn that around tonight. 


        Q.  Was there a fear, when you came out, that you may not be able to play?  What has it been like getting clearance and now going out there a help your team? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  No fear at all.  I mean, I knew I was going to play.  Like I said, I feel good.  I'm ready. You know, like I said, I'm just excited to be back in it. 


        Q.  Does this limit you in any way for tonight? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  No, no limitations on anything.  Like I said, nothing. 


        Q.  Do you sense Chicago will be targeting you? 

        NATHAN HORTON:  It's the playoffs.  Everyone's playing physical.  Everyone is playing strong.  That's the way the game is out there. Like I said, I have no limitations.  You know, I'm good to go.