There is no way to sugar coat it. The Blackhawks have issues and have had issues all season, that winning has covered.

The Blackhawks power play is awful and if they don't correct it soon, there is no way they will be hoisting the cup at the end of this series. I know Boston has a good penalty kill but is it so good that a team with this much talent can't even get the puck on net more then once in two minutes?

Bryan Bickell has been MIA. After dominating the Kings by getting 4 or 5 hits a night and just as many shots, it has disappeared against the Bruins. All that money he earned in the last round, well he is giving it back now.

I know Jonathan Toews is a great player and he does more then just score goals, but every now and then it would be nice if he put one in the back of the net. His team is struggling and a big goal from him at the right moment could really light a fire under this team.

While Toews has the excuse of being a two-way player, winning face-offs, etc.. Patrick Kane has none of those things going for him. Kane needs to score or create chances that lead to goals, otherwise he is useless. He doesn't contribute on the penalty kill and while his defense is improved, it isn't like he is getting the hardest matchups each game.

Brent Seabrook is clearly hurt and if he isn't he might want to start saying he is. He clearly is not the player he was three years ago when he was paired with Keith and making life hell on opposing forwards.

Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp have been pretty steady most of the playoffs, combining for 29 points. But Saturday after they came out firing in the first putting up 13 shots and both individually outshooting Boston, they only tallied one more shot all game. Coach Q said there were no injury issues but something had to be wrong with Sharp as he played the fewest minutes of all the forwards not on the 4th line.

Coach Q needs to fix the power play and let Viktor Stalberg out of the doghouse or maybe give someone like Ben Smith a shot. Just because Brandon Bollig hasn't done anything to lose his spot doesn't mean he deserves to keep it. Him being in the lineup limits the combo that can be rolled out. Stalberg or Smith could play on any of the 4 lines while also contributing on the power-play. Bollig isn't going anywhere but staying on the 4th line.

He also seems to be against reuniting Kane & Sharp with Dave Bolland. He put back together the Toews, Hossa, Saad line but why not the line that Kane did so well on earlier in the season?

With Game 3 on Monday, the Hawks don't have a lot of time to find all these answers, but if they don't want to trail in this series they better answer a few.