Q.  Your team seemed to get stronger in the first and second overtime

periods.  How difficult was it to lose when you were playing as well as you

were at that point?

      COACH  JULIEN:   It's  never  easy  to lose a game when you're in the

third overtime period.

      You're right, I liked our first period.  Second period was okay until

those  three  penalties.   Kind of gave them momentum and took it away from


      But,  you  know,  I thought that in overtime we got better.  We got a

little  stronger.   We  had  some great looks, some great opportunities, we

just didn't bury them.

      Eventually somebody is going to score a goal as fatigue sets in.

      Not  disappointed in our effort.  There's certain things you're going

to  want to fix for next game.  But as far as the game is concerned, it was

a hard-fought game.


      Q.  What can you tell us about Nathan?

      COACH  JULIEN:   Nothing  right  now  because  there's nothing to say

because our doctors haven't finalized the evaluation properly.


      Q.   There's  a  lot  of  stars  on that Blackhawks team.  Where does

Andrew Shaw fit in game planning for this team?

      COACH JULIEN:  Where does he fit in?


      Q.  Your game planning for the Hawks.

      COACH JULIEN:  I don't think we do our game planning around Mr. Shaw.

Our game plan is against the Chicago Blackhawks, so...

      We know he's an agitator.  We know he's good at embellishing, too, at

times.  We know all that stuff.  We've done our research.


      Q.   Because  you  have  such  a  veteran  team, does that lessen any

concern you have that this could be a devastating loss?

      COACH  JULIEN:   Not  really.   Last time we won the Cup, we lost the

first  two games to Vancouver.  It never stopped us from coming back.  This

certainly won't.

      When  you look at the game, it could have gone either way.  I thought

we  had  some  real great looks in overtime.  With a little bit of luck, we

could have ended it before they did.

      But  that's  the  name  of  the game.  They got a good break on their

tying  goal  going  off  one  of our skates.  That's the way the game goes.

Some nights you get the break going your way, some nights you don't.

      As far as I'm concerned, two good teams tonight that played extremely

hard.  Unfortunately there’s a loser and a winner.


      Q.  Do you say anything to Daugavins after that?

      COACH JULIEN:  No, I haven't talked to the players at all.


      Q.   With  a  guy  like  Krejci,  what  has  it been like to have him

throughout these playoffs?

      COACH  JULIEN:  Good, because he's been really good for us.  On a hot

streak.   Seems  to  make  things  happen every game.  Been one of our best

players so far in the playoffs.

      He's excelled since the post-season and continues to do that.