Pretty Funny moment when the two guys came into the the room. They sat in the wrong spots. Shaw sat behind Toews name and Toews was sitting behind Shaw's name.

Q.  Jonathan, for a game to extend that long, obviously you need some

critical  stops  by  your  goaltender.   How big was Corey Crawford for you


      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   Can't  even  put  that  into  words.  He made some

unbelievable saves.  I can't remember if it was still in regulation time or

not,  but we had a couple too many men penalties, I think they were both in


      Anyways,  you know you're going to need some big stops.  One went off

the  posts there.  A couple times we gave up a few too many chances off the

rush.  He was there every single time.

      I  think  we  created  a lot of chances of our own.  We were close to

putting the game away quite a few times.  But we needed Crowe to make those

stops to keep the game going.


      Q.   Jonathan, the game went on for so long, like two full games.  It

seemed  that  fatigue  was at certain points a factor.  Do you kind of zone

out, just play automatically, or constantly are you on edge?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   Well, obviously that sort of thing is going to set

in.   That's  the  reality.  I mean, both teams are just kicking, trying to

survive.   Every  time  you  go  back on the ice, you just try and get that

feeling  that  it's  just  going  to  be  that  one  chance  that makes the


      Obviously we got a big one with Shaw going to the net there.

      Both teams wanted to win that game and no one was going to give it up

easy.  We're obviously feeling pretty good about it.

      But it's time to go home and get some rest now.


      Q.   Your emotions after ending a game like that?  Fifth-round pick a

year ago.

      ANDREW SHAW:  Yeah, obviously emotions are high.  Too exhausted right

now to express it.

      I think the guys had a great game.  All four lines were going, six D.

Corey stood in there strong for us.  We came up with a big win.


      Q.   I  think  some people asked you about going against Chara.  What

was that like for you?

      ANDREW  SHAW:   He's a big boy.  He's strong.  A good battle in front

of the net with him there.

      I  think I held my own.  He's a great player.  Logs a lot of minutes.

Got to get on him and try to tire him out as much as we can.


      Q.   In  the  first  period  you  came  out  flying.  Was it just the

excitement, adrenaline?

      ANDREW  SHAW:  Yeah, Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Something you dream of as

a kid.  The opportunity's there.  You have to seize it when it's there.

      I think all the guys are excited to get it started.


      Q.  Can you talk about what happened on the goal.

      ANDREW  SHAW:   Luck.  Kind of Bickell finishing his check.  The puck

goes  to  the  point.   Rozsival gets a nice shot through.  Bolland got his

stick  on  it.   I just happened to be going to the net wide.  Kind of went

off my leg into the net.

      An exciting moment.  I think guys are just glad the game ended.


      Q.   Jonathan,  it  seems  like  a  long time ago, but their PK had a

couple big kills early.  What makes their PK tough?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   You got to give them credit.  They're good at what

they're doing.

      At  the  same  time,  I  don't think we were too happy with our start

tonight.   It  took  us a little while to get going.  I think that included

our  power  play.  We easily could have gotten the momentum going our way a

little bit with a big goal, five-on-three there.

      We  had  the  puck  in  good areas.  It just seemed to bounce off our

stick,  go  out  of  the  zone.  We had to regroup.  A couple little breaks

didn't quite go our way there.

      We  know we got to be better there.  We expect them to be aggressive.

You  know,  they're  a  solid defensive team.  They're going to be the same

when they're short a guy.


      Q.  Jonathan, for Saad to score that goal, maybe the relief he felt.

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:  It was huge for him, huge for our team.  That was a

timely  goal.   I think we need something to get our crowd into and give us

energy on the bench.  It was a great shot by him.

      I  think as a line with Hoss, Saad and myself, we created quite a bit

of  offense  tonight.  For him to get one tonight, that was big for us.  We

want to keep playing well.


      Q.   Jonathan,  with  coach moving around a lot of guys in the first,

large  sample  size,  do  you think the lines will be pretty solidified for

Game 2?

      JONATHAN  TOEWS:   I'm  not  sure.   I mean, we'll see.  I think Joel

always  has a pretty good feel of what he wants to do, especially after one

game against a team that we haven't seen all year.

      I think it's something as a player you're ready for that you might be

with  different  guys.   If  we  need  a  little  boost, he'll try a couple

different  combinations.   That's  not  a  big deal for us.  It's something

we're used to.  We'll see what comes in Game 2.


      Q.   Andrew,  how  would  you  describe  your style?  If someone said

'irritating,' would you take that as a compliment?  Jonathan, how would you

describe Andrew's play?

      ANDREW SHAW:  I take it as a compliment.  It's how my game has

developed 1 through my career.  It's what's got me here.  I got to stick to

it, just compete and work to the best of my abilities.


      JONATHAN TOEWS:  I mean, I think you could ask players on other teams

and  they'll  tell you that he's not the type of guy that they like to play

against.  But that's what we love about him.

      We  love  having  a guy like that on our team.  He's not afraid.  You

saw  him going up against Chara tonight.  Probably the guy on our team that

got  up against him the most, hit him.  Stirred him up a little bit, drew a

penalty,  scored  a huge goal, unbelievable goal, for anybody to score just

going  to  the net.  Doesn't matter how it goes in, I think everyone on the

bench,  like  Shaw said, we were happy that it was over.  Happy that we got

the win.


      Big  game  by  this guy.  I don't know if he had like nine, ten hits,

whatever it was, but he kept going all night and didn't stop.


      Q.  Andrew, on a team with guys like Jonathan, Patrick and Marian, as

you're going through overtime, is there a mindset that you might be the one

to score a goal?

      ANDREW SHAW:  Well, you know, we knew it wasn't going to be pretty at

that point.  You could tell both teams were physically exhausted.

      We've  preached it:  go to the net, you'll find a way to get a greasy

goal.  We did a heck of a job of it there in the third overtime.


      Q.  Andrew, I guess your interview on NBC is already going viral.  Is

that just you being yourself?

      ANDREW  SHAW:  Slip of the tongue (smiling).  I couldn't think at all

actually.   Could  barely breathe.  I think I made up a word in there, too,

actually.  I was never good in English.

      Just  shows  how  much heart our team has.  We push each other to our