Seeing it live the hit caught everyone's attention. At first glance it looked like just a good solid hit, which explains why there was no penalty called.

But then you see the replays and the different angles.

And it is clear that Boychuk came in with the intent to just level Jonathan Toews. He didn't clearly go for the head but he went high with both forearms and then extended as he hit the Hawks captain.

The hit came with about 8 minutes to go in the second period. Right after the hit Toews skated right to the Hawks bench but was back out on the ice for his next shift and finished the period.

However when the teams took the ice in the third, Toews was on the bench but didn't take a shift in the period. He was shown several times asking the coaches and trainers if he could get in the game.

After the game Coach Quenneville used the vague "upper-body injury" to describe Toews' injury. However with Toews who has suffered from concussions in the past it is worrisome. 

The NHL came out after the game and said they are reviewing the hit so clearly it got their attention. The NHL has been trying to eliminate hits like this and remove the "goon" element from the game.

Well here is their chance, on their biggest stage, to send a message. To send a message to guys like Boychuk and Raffi Torres that this style of play isn't going to be allowed anymore. You can still hit hard, but hits to the head are done.

For these reasons I fully expect the league to suspend Boychuk for Game 6. What do you think?