Q.  This is for either or both of you.  If we don't know what's going

on with Jonathan yet, if he's not in, how do you guys have to adjust?

      PATRICK  SHARP:   That's  a  good  question.  I think you look at the

situation  we're  in,  we're this close to reaching our goal.  Obviously we

want  Johnny to play, but if he's not, we have to find a way to get it done

either way.


      Q.   You  guys  have been down this road before, Game 6 in Philly.  I

know  you  don't  want  to  live in the past too much because your team has

changed  a  lot, but you did go into a Game 6 and end it.  How important is

that experience?

      PATRICK  SHARP:   You know, it's a similar feeling, especially having

the  series tied 2-2, taking Game 5 at home and coming on the road for Game

6.   You've  got  to  be careful, you’ve seen a couple years ago Boston was

down  3-2, they won at home and then won Game 7 in Vancouver.  We know this

team is capable of coming back.

      For  us I know it's a big game, but you want to play it like it's any

other  game,  play the way we have all season, and try to pull one out here

on the road.


      Q.  To the Patrick who just spoke, can you compare the depth that you

guys had in 2010 to the depth that you have now, and are you surprised that

it  came along as quick as it did after all those guys left, or did it take

too long almost to develop it again?

      PATRICK  SHARP:  Yes, it's similar.  I mean, there's definitely a lot

of  depth,  and  that's  probably our greatest asset on this team.  I think

back  in  2010  you had some guys who were probably unknown names that made

names  for  themselves throughout that year and in the Playoffs, and you're

seeing that happen again this year.

      But  I  think  it's a credit to the management and the coaching staff

and  obviously  drafting  well  and developing those players to come along.

For  us to be in this situation again three years down the road, especially

after  the breakup we had from that 2010 team, losing 10, 11 guys, whatever

it is, I think it's a great success.


      Q.   This  is  for  you,  Patrick Sharp: The hit on Jonathan Toews by

Johnny Boychuk, your thoughts on it.  Was it clean? Was it dirty? Or do you

think  there's  a  little  more  nastiness  creeping  into this series, you

personally with Johnny Boychuk, a couple tussles?

      PATRICK  SHARP:   It  seemed to get messed up against Boychuk quite a

bit  in  this series.  He's taken some runs at me.  I can't really complain

how  he's  hit  me.   He  plays the game hard, he's pretty honest.  I think

every  series  we've been a part of things get a little bit more intense as

they go along, a lot more trashing talking, physical play on both sides, as

far as the hit on Johnny, there's on-ice officials, there's people watching

in  the  stands,  and the NHL is reviewing all those hits, so I'll let them

make their decision.


      Q.  Is that matter done, like closed as far as you're concerned?

      PATRICK  SHARP:  Yeah, I guess it is.  If they said it was done, then

it's over with.

      Johnny  didn't play the third period, and it was a tough loss for us.

But  as  a  team I mentioned earlier, we're in a situation where we're this

close.   Kane  mentioned  our depth.  It's the reason we've had success all

season.   We  can't  dwell  on  the  fact  that  we have one of our players



      Q.  Patrick Kane, two years ago you guys made a conscious decision to

attack  Zdeno  Chara.   What did you see that made you think you could have

success doing that?

      PATRICK KANE:  You know, I don't think there was one thing said where

we  really  wanted to attack him or go at him or try to hit him or anything

like  that.   I  think  we're  just playing the way we have.  Sometimes you

worry  about  one player who you're matched up against on the ice, and I've

said  this  before, it goes to your disadvantage because you worry too much

and don't play the game you should be player.

      I  think  we  just got back to playing the way we have and the way we

know how to, especially with our team's speed, and just trying to play that

way against maybe a bigger, physical Boston team.


      Q.   To  both  Patrick’s,  how  much satisfaction did you take out of

clinching in Philadelphia in 2010 on the road in front of enemy fans?  Have

you  thought  about  that  possibility  tomorrow  that you can do that same

thing, and would it be extra special to do it on the road?

      PATRICK  KANE:   I think looking back to 2010, we were just satisfied

being  in  that  position.   I don't think we really cared if it was in any

building in the league, or our own building.  It was something that was all

new  to  us.   We  were  kind  of  living and dying on every play.  We were

excited to be there.

      I can say the same about this year.  It's a heck of an opportunity we

have tomorrow night.  You've got to look at the team we're playing against.

They've been in much worse situations than this and have been able to rally

back and fight for their lives.

      To  think  that  we're  looking ahead and planning on winning another

Stanley Cup, that couldn't be further from the truth.  We know what kind of

challenge we have tomorrow.


      Q.   For  both Patrick’s, does this off day feel like the longest one

so  far?   How  much  do you guys just want to get back out there and get a

chance to close the series out when you're this close?

      PATRICK  SHARP:   Yeah,  I  mean, I think the two days off in between

sometimes  get  to  you because you want to play pretty quick after a game,

especially when you have momentum.

      But I think it worked out perfect the way the scheduling is.  I think

especially  this time of year with injuries and bumps and bruises, you want

to  rest  up  for  that day and make sure you're getting ready for the next



      Q.   Patrick Kane, do you allow yourselves to envision doing it again

in Game 6 on the road?

      PATRICK  KANE:  You know, we were just kind of talking about that.  I

don't  know,  I  think  the  stars would have to be aligned right for it to

happen  like  that  again.   I  think  the  biggest thing is trying to help

contribute anyway I can, help this team get a win, especially the situation

we're  in.   You  want to take advantage of it in the next game.  We have a

great  opportunity.   I'll  do  whatever I can to help the team win, and it

would be a great feeling.


      Q.  Patrick Sharp, are the Bruins a tougher team physically than what

you guys faced in the Stanley Cup Final in 2010 against Philadelphia?

      PATRICK  SHARP:   It's  tough  to kind of compare the two.  It was so

long  ago,  2010.  We've had a lot of Playoff series in between.  But I can

credit  the  Bruins.   They're a lot quicker than I thought they were.  And

about  their  size,  their  strength,  their  physical  play, how well they

protect the net and make it tough to get there, but they can skate, too.

      There's  been a lot of talk about us playing this high scoring attack

offensive types of games, but keep in mind they can do it, as well.

      It's  tough to compare the two series, but we've got a lot of respect

for both teams.


      Q.  Patrick Sharp, do you see any similarities, if any, between Toews

and Bergeron, and if so, can you replace collectively what they both bring?

      PATRICK SHARP:  Both great players.  I think any coach in the league,

any player in the league would like to have those guys on their team.  They

take  pride  in  taking  face-offs  playing well away from the puck, making

their line mates better, both big parts of the locker room.

      I can't speak for what Boston is dealing with, with Bergeron.  I know

I  don't  need  to say much about Jonathan.  I think everyone knows what we

think  of  him  in  our  locker  room.   Hopefully we can have him back for



      Q.  Because so much of this team has turned over from last time, what

could you not know or didn't you know until you got deep into a playoff run

about  this  group,  and  what  have you found out about this group to this


      PATRICK SHARP:  You know, I think we're a pretty resilient group.  We

were in a tough situation in Detroit being down 3-1.  Even games throughout

the  regular  season  there  would be times that we were down in a game and

find ways to get back into that game and end up winning a lot of them.

      I  think  that's  the  one  thing  you start to understand about this

group,  and I think it's pretty much the same group as last year with maybe

a  couple  differences.   You  know, we wanted to prove ourselves all year,

especially  to maybe our own organization that kept us together, that we're

here,  we  can  do  some special things.  We're one win away from that, and

hopefully we can do it.