Jesse Rogers of ESPNChicago did a great interview with Blackhawks center/left winger Patrick Sharp about the Hawks upcoming road trip. Sharp is the prankster of the team and if you watched Blackhawks TV at all last season you have seen him in action.

Here are a couple of my favorite questions and answers:

Rogers: Spill the beans. Who is the No. 1 target?
Sharp:“Well, No. 1 on the hit list is Brent Seabrook, my former roommate. We tried it out and it lasted about three nights. I couldn’t take his superstitions or his constant calling to his girlfriend on the phone and his I-chat on the computer. It was just embarrassing."

Rogers: Wait a minute. You’re the newlywed, and he’s doing all that stuff?
Sharp:“He’s the puppy in love over there so he’s going to be the main target. I am looking forward to spending some time with my new roommate, Jake Dowell, another Wisconsin boy. Just like my old roommate Adam Burish. That should be fun. Of course, Kane and Toews are always targets, but there’s a lot of new faces. This Viktor Stalberg guy is a little too pretty for our liking. Dowell and I want to mess with him. Jack Skille talks way too much for a first-year player. He’s probably a top-3 target as well.”

Rogers:You mentioned some guys on the hit list. Who do you stay away from for fear they might not take it as a joke?
Sharp:“Marty Turco. He’s an awfully nice guy, but I don’t know what the other side of his personality is, and I don’t want to find out. Plus he’s been around a while so I’ll leave him alone. I sit beside [Fernando] Pisani in the lockerroom, so I’m going to give him a pass. He could mess with my equipment or something. Plus, he has that Italian temper. One guy I do like, well, it's two guys, but it’s really the same guy are the Slovaks: Tomas Kopecky and Marian Hossa. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Two of the same people. Wherever Hoss is, Kopy is right there doing it. They are always fun targets because I get the biggest reaction out of those two.”

I love the comparison of Hossa and Tomas to Dr. Evil and Mini me. I could not stop laughing. Sharp also says coaches are off limits but isn't against going after annoucers. Pat Foley's room got "tornadoed" before but Sharp will not take credit for that.

I can't wait to see Blackhawks TV's first episode this season because I'm sure they will be following Sharp on this road trip.

Hawks take on the Oilers Wednesday 8:30 central time