A lot was made of how tough Patrice Bergeron is after fighting through so many injuries during the Stanley Cup finals. Bergeron spent days in the hospital after Game 6 for numerous injuries. While that is amazing I believe it has overshadowed what some of the Blackhawks players played through.

Over the week we saw Bryan Bickell show up at Wrigley Field with a soft cast on his left hand. He revealed he had a ligament replaced in his thumb. He also was sporting a big knee brace during the Blackhawks celebration rally.

Now on Tuesday it was Michal Handzus' turn to show off what the playoff run did to him. Handzus made an appearance at the Blackhawks prospect camp on Tuesday with a knee brace of his own and a hard cast on his arm.

After the season ended Handzus admitted to playing with a broken wrist and a torn MCL. I guess it took till the initial buzz of the championship to ware off before he decided to take care of things. Unlike Bickell he was showing no sign of the injuries at the rally.

Handzus did not talk to reporters but if the injuries were as reported he should be ready in time for training camp. It is possible that his main role this season could be mentoring Mark McNeill or Phillip Danault who are on the ice this week.

In fact if all these guys prove they are ready they might actually push the old man for playing time. He could be serving the role that has been filled by Jamal Mayers the past two seasons instead of being the second line center like he was in the playoffs.

In other news, it looks like Nick Leddy will be bringing the Cup home to Minnesota on Friday, being the first player to spend his day with the Cup. Dan Carcillo will have the Cup on Sunday in King City, Ontario. I assume that Saturday will be a travel day for it. The sooner it gets out of the UC the better. It would have been great if it was on the road already, that way Justin Bieber wouldn't have been all over it on Tuesday night.