It's been three games since the Chicago Blackhawks' only trade deadline acquisition has put on the Indian emblem.

Johnny Oduya has been a welcomed addition, eating up 20 minutes per game, roughly. A second liner on the blue, Oduya has been valuable for the penalty kill (eating up more than 4 minutes against the Detroit Red Wings, recently). Oduya clocked over 25 minutes in all that game.

Although he has yet to register an assist or goal, Oduya's skill set is more traditional for what the Blackhawks need in a solid depth defenseman, and the results may not be in the box score, but on the score board, beneath the final score.

As for his shot blocking department, Oduya, has taken the shot seven times, increasing his overall output to 105. (Tied 44th in the league with Shea Weber.)

The Blackhawks have shown to be quite disciplined the last few games, and that includes Oduya, who hasn't seen the box. 

The minutes have been adding up for the 30-year-old, as coach Joel Quenneville had him on the ice for 19+ minutes against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Feb. 29. That followed by 22+ minutes the next game against the Ottawa Senators, followed by the 25+ outing against the Wings.

It may have been a small price to pay, to have to send off John Scott to the New York Rangers, but the skill set in Oduya seems to be worth it, so far.