Jamal Mayers is a great guy. He has played in 915 NHL games over 16 seasons and has played in 63 postseason games. However he didn't play at all this postseason, which means he didn't play during the Finals, and that may cost him.

There are some very simple rules to getting your name engraved on Lord Stanley's Cup. You can play in at least one Stanley Cup Final game or play in half of your team's regular season games.

Normally that would mean you'd have to play in 41 games. However with the lockout there were only 48 games so half of that would be 24. Sadly for Mayers he only played in 19 games.

If Mayers had skated in place of Marian Hossa during Game 3 instead of Ben Smith, then we wouldn't have this issue. That's right, Ben Smith who appeared in one regular season game and one Finals game will have his name on the Cup.

If you are wondering, Brandon Bollig and Sheldon Brookbank will also be getting their names on the Cup. Bollig played in 25 regular season game as well as the first two games of the Finals. Brookbank played in 26 games.

In total 21 players are eligible to have their names placed on the Cup. The Blackhawks are allowed to engrave a total of 53 names. Some of those spots will be taken by ownership and management but you'd have to think there would be room for Mayers and maybe Dan Carcillo as well. Carcillo played in 23 games, just one short of the requirement.

However it isn't up to Rocky Wirtz, John McDonough, Stan Bowman or Joel Quenneville if Mayers or Carcillo get the honor. It is up to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Since 1994, team are allowed to petition the commish for permission to add names.

Most notably it was used in 1998 by the Red Wings to put Vladimir Konstantinov's name on the Cup. He was a member for the '97 championship team and died in a car accident over the summer.

I fully expect the Hawks to ask Bettman, we will just have to wait and see what he says. Regardless let's just hope they spell everyone's names correctly, unlike in 2010.

Forward Kris Versteeg had his last name misspelled in 2010. They inverted the S & T so is appears Vertseeg on the Cup.

Here is hoping that the third man who hoisted the Cup this year, will get to see his name on it. Otherwise it might be a bittersweet end to a very solid career.