Thanks to Michael Stewart for his latest piece.

For two years the Chicago Blackhawks have been missing something.  Many have said it was this or it was that, some have even said we would miss Brian Campbell.  Funny I haven’t heard anyone say that since the season started and the Hawks are off to a 4-1-1 start with a nice win just last night to a 5-1 Colorado team that has always give the Hawks fitz for the past few seasons.  Stan Bowman has seemed to figure out the formula for success.  One of the big parts of this formula working is a very nice mix of veterans and young players with some very nice character guys thrown in the mix as well.


  Dan Carcillo aka CARBOMB or @carbombboom13 as he goes by on twitter seems to be providing more than just grit and open ice for his line mates.  He is providing what the hawks have missed since that little white rapper Kris Versteeg left in a trade.  Carcillo is providing locker room chemistry.  I have followed him on twitter since he started his account after coming to Chicago and from what he has posted on twitter it is easy to see he is keeping the guys loose with his comedy.  Something I truly believe Versteeg did as well when he was a member of the Hawks.  If you would have told Carcillo “hey  you are going to play on a line with Hossa and Kane at center” I am sure he would never believe it.  Well believe it !  Not only he he playing with some of the best players in the national hockey league he is also doing a great job.  He has been able to keep his cool on the ice and is even drawing penalties.  Carcillo does however have two minutes in penalties but it came from a great play to keep a player from getting a very good scoring chance in a close game.


If you want to have a good laugh virtually every day then you need to follow @carbombboom13 .  He will not disappoint.