It looks like only half of the 17 second duo will be playing in Chicago next season.

With news of Dave Bolland's trade to Toronto was still fresh, it is now being reported that Bryan Bickell has resigned with the Chicago Blackhawks.

According to ESPN's Pierre Lebrun, Bickell's deal is four years and worth $16 million. He will get a $1 million bonus plus $2 million salary for next season. Then $4 million in 2014-15 and $4.5 M each of last 2 years.

I just find myself asking one question, what happened to that home town discount?

When Bickell met the media on Thursday to wrap up the season, he teased that he would be willing to take a hometwon discount to stay in Chicago. When he said that I was thinking more like 3-3.5 million not 4. That is what I expected him to get on the open market.

 It is clear now why Bolland has his 3.3 million cap hit had to be moved.

Don't get me wrong, I like Bickell. I like what he can do, when he does it. However he doesn't always bring that big body to play, far too often he tends to disappear. There is a reason he hasn't been a top 6 forward the past 2 seasons.

With a payday like that he has to play like a top 6 forward night in and night out. Bickell needs to take his playoff performance and carry it through the regular season.

He needs to score 20+ goals a season, something he has only done once, and he has to be a force on the power play because he is now this team's power forward.

Did you know he has only two regular season power play goals? He has the same number for postseason ones as well.

Congrats to Bickell and I hope he is ready for the expectations because they are going to be as big as that contract.