The Blackhawks help their fourth day of their annual prospect camp on Thursday. It was the second day of having a scrimmage and for the second straight day the Red/B team won, 3-2.

Before the scrimmage Team B went through the same practice that Team A went through on Wednesday. The coaches did a little instructing but for the most part it was pretty common stuff.

The story of the scrimmage had to be the goalie play. After allowing seven combined goals on Wednesday, Matthew O'Connor and Jackson Whistle didn't allow a goal during their 30 minutes of action.

Then almost immediately after the goalie switch the Red team took over. After looking pretty good on Wednesday, Matt Tomkins allowed three goals in the final 10 minutes of the second period. Two of those came just 15 seconds apart with Matt Lorito scoring the first of the game and then quickly followed by Jack Chelios chipping one in. Tim O'Brien scored the third goal for the Red team just about 10 seconds after a faceoff in the zone (video of the goal is below).

The third period had a lot of good back and forth but didn't provide any scoring until the final five minutes. With five minutes left the White team which was trailing 3-0 pulled their goalie and we saw almost 5 straight minutes of 6 on 5 hockey. The Red team was unable to take advantage of the empty net while the White team scored two goals. Robin Press scored the first, which is his second in the scrimmages and then Travis Brown took a shot from the blue line that made it past Brandon Whitney.

However they were unable to get that third goal and O'Brien ended up having the game winner.

While O'Connor and Whistle looked much better on Thursday as compared to Wednesday, the most best performance has come from Whitney. In his 60 minutes he has only allowed one even strength goal, which was on Wednesday. Both goals on Thursday came with the White team having a man advantage due to the empty net.

This year's draft class keeps getting attention. John Hayden had another solid game, while Press scored again and it is hard not to notice Anthony Louis. While they continue to impress I think most fans would have to say they have been disappointed in guys, who many thought might compete for roster spots this fall.

That would be the trio of Mark McNeill, Garret Ross and Phillip Danault. Many thought they might be head and shoulders above the rest of the guys at camp but it is clear they probably all can benefit from some seasoning in Rockford.

Friday will be the final day of camp and it will consist of just a scrimmage. No more practice, no more drills, just straight to business. Unlike the past few days it will start at 10 AM and not 11:30. So if you are attending plan accordingly.

For pictures please check my facebook page and for any extra video just find my page on youtube. And I will be live tweeting from camp on Friday so make sure to follow me.