Why not? Let's make it harder. Let the season of injuries continue.

The Hawks have struggled all season long with injuries to numerous players so why should the playoffs be any different. Dave Bolland has already missed the first 3 games of the series while Brent Seabrook missed games 4 & 5 and now forward Bryan Bickell will miss game 7.

Bickell is going to miss the next 3 weeks of the season if the season does in fact extend past Tuesday night. The injury first occured early in the series when he received a cut on his wrist which was far more serious then we ever thought. The surgery was to repair 2 tendons that were damaged.

Bryan missed game 3 of the series due to the injury but gutted it out and played through the pain the last 3 games. He has 4 points in this series (a pair of goals and assists) and has proved some very physical play.

The most likely candidate to replace him will be Tomas Kopecky who hasn't played since game 1 of the series.

I wish Bickell the best and a speedy recovery and let's hope the Hawks make it through game 7 ok without you and that you provide a nice boost in the conference finals.

Update: It is now being said by Blackhawks that Bickell will be out 6 to 8 weeks so that ends his playoff run.