Sadly the Blackhawks season came to an end late Tuesday night.

After coming back from a 0-3 deficit and then scoring the game tying goal with under 2 minutes to go while short handed to force overtime it sure seemed like the Chicago Blackhawks were destined to win the game and series. I mean come on everything was falling into place including a dream matchup against their former goalie Antti Niemi and his new team in the second round. That's right if the Hawks had pulled it out we would have gotten another series against the San Jose Sharks and gotten to see Corey Crawford face off against Antti Niemi.

But again sadly it was not to be because Chris Campoli was unable to clear the puck which lead to Alex Burrows scoring his second goal of the game and his third of the series. Where would the Canucks have been with Burrows during this series because he seemed to make so much happen on his way to getting 6 points against the Hawks.

For most of game 7 goalie Corey Crawford was the only Blackhawk who showed up to play. He was outstanding stopping 36 of the 38 shots he faced and let's me honest if you watched the game weren't you surprised he didn't face 50 shots. 

I'm going to leave all the second guessing till tomorrow because right now I am just very disappointed and very very upset that such an immature team were able to knock off Chicago.

Two things I will go into later are how the Canucks were celebrating in the locker room as if they had won the Stanley Cup. Guess what? There is no chance this teams wins the cup. Secondly, Hendrick Sedin is now #1 on the hit list going into next season for the following quote:

"They had no business being in the series. We outplayed them badly for five games."

If the Preds don't take care of business I will guarantee the Wings or Sharks will make sure you don't see the Stanley Cup Finals and beware the Hawks next season.