Last night sucked. Bulls lose to Nets and my Patrick Sharp jersey suffered it's first loss as the Hawks lost to Adam Burish and his Dallas Stars. The reason I mention Burish is because after Brent Seabrook, who played awful, delivered a nice shot on the former Hawk Burish got right back up and went to mix things up with Seabrook. To me that officially means that Burish views Hawks as just another team now when playing them on the ice. 

Now to the actual game where the power play was the story of the game. Hawks came out slow giving up two power play goals on penalties to Tomas Kopecky, of course, and Brian Campbell. Coach Q took his timeout immediately after the Stars scored the second goal. In the second period the Hawks the Hawks rebound with a great shot by Pisani that he made from 50 feet out and then the hated Tomas Kopecky got his seventh of the season. In the third Patrick Sharp drew a questionable penalty that gave the Stars their third power play of the game and their third power play goal of the game.

So with the Hawks trailing Jamie Benn of the Stars committed a high sticking penalty on Jordan Hendry with 2:05 left in the game. Surprisingly Coach Q decided to pull goaltender Corey Crawford right away so the Hawks can have a 6 on 4. I can not remember once this year where pulling the goalie has worked at all for this team and we only had to wait about a minute for it to backfire as Steve Ott scored the empty netter.

When it was all said and done it was a 4-2 loss that gives the Hawks a record of 12-11-0 at home. That 0 is the key number, no overtime losses. Hawks fall behind and they lose. On the year they are 21-18-3. It is basically either two points or zero points for this team and that is the biggest reason why their are currently 10th in the western conference.

I am starting to question Coach Q and the coaching staff because some of these lines they are throwing out are awful. I'm going to have more on what needs to be done later but something needs to be done but I think Q has gone a little too crazy with it. Hawks host Ottawa on Friday and the lowly Islanders on Sunday. Both are must wins, and can be won, because every game is becoming a must win if this team wants to make it back to the playoffs.