Fresh off their Olympic hiatus, NBC and Chicago Fire is going to remind people that hockey is still something to watch even with the Olympics over. Blackhawks defensemen Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook will appear on the episode airing on Tuesday, February 25 at 9:00 PM central. Here is the episodes description:

Shay (played by Lauren German)
gets an unusual tip from Seabrook and Keith, friends of Clarke (guest star
Jeff Hephner) who stop by Molly’s, the local bar that is co-owned by
several members from firehouse 51. The much-anticipated 2014 Coors Light
NHL Stadium Series™ outdoor matchup between the Blackhawks and the
Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field generates excitement at Molly’s and
the firehouse.

So this episode will also remind people to turn on NBC on Saturday to watch the Blackhawks take on the Penguins. How do you think Keith and Seabrook will do? I guess we will have to turn in Tuesday and find out. Will this open the door to more Chicago athletes appearing on Chicago Fire and it's sister show Chicago PD?

Could be. My money would be on more Hawks and Bears players to appear since NBC has a contract with both the NFL and NHL. If the Bears end up with any Sunday night games in the fall I guess we will have to keep our eyes out for them to appear on one of the shows.


Keith and Seabrook have two scenes, both in the bar Molly's. First time they are drinking milk and tip the waitress/one of the owners a pair of center ice tickets to the Stadium Series game at Soldier Field. Seriously NBC is pushing hard to promote this game. I'm surprised they didn't mention it would be shown on NBC during the show.

The girl has no idea who they are and is upset with the tip until she finds out how much the tickets are worth. She plans on selling them so she can go shopping but instead raffles them off to raise money for a school library.

Cue the second scene where after the raffle, Keith and Seabrook have more tickets and wants the staff at Molly's (who are all CFD) to be their guests at the game. Does everyone else expect to see some cast members make an appearance on Saturday?