I have been saying for a while now that Stan Bowman is a very smart man and is well on his way to becoming a fantastic general manager and his most recent move is a perfect example of why.

The Hawks have second year goaltender Corey Crawford locked up for the next few seasons. They signed 24 year old Alexander Salk to be his backup from Europe to a two year deal but they lack a veteran goaltender in their system. Enter Ray Emery.

Emery is going to join the Hawks for training camp and try out for the team. The 28 year old goaltender will provide the needed insurance if Salak isn't ready to handle the duties of being Crawford's backup. Also he fits with the theme of the offseason by bringing in some much needed toughness since he was involved in an all goalie brawl.

This past season he signed with the Ducks late and helped lead them to the playoffs going 7-2 in his 9 starts, He allowed 20 goals in the 10 games he played in during the regular season. Emery has suffered with injury and illness plus a little controversy during his career which might explain why no one has signed him yet and he has to tryout for the Blackhawks.

Ray started his career with the Senators but after the 2008 season was released and was left unsigned by a NHL team and therefore played in Russia before signing with the Flyers in 2009. Then is February of 2011 he signed with the Ducks.

If Salak is up to the task then Emery will probably move on to a team with a goalie injury but if he is not then maybe he will get a chance to prove his worth to the rest of the league as being the backup on a team looking to make another Stanley Cup run.

I wonder if there will be any training camp brawls.