Q.  Patrick Kane said you're treating it as a Game 7.

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   I think it's an important game for us.  I think

we want to make sure we establish a good start here and try to dictate pace

and try to play with the tempo we had in three of the four games.

      Can't  look  any  further  forward than today's game where we want to

play our best.


      Q.  Having been down 3-1, what is going on in their locker room now?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:  I'm sure they're talking about different things,

looking at the situation.

      But, you know, we know what they're capable of doing.  They've proven

in  the  past  they  can  win.   It's up to us to do what we have to do and

control  what  we  can  control.  That's just a strong start and going from



      Q.   You've  talked  before about Krueger and Frolik, the job they've

done on the PK, the way that alleviates minutes from other top players.  Is

that  by  design  specifically  for  lockout  shortened season or something

you've always tried to do?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   I  think  more  so this year.  I think probably

started  out as a lockout, knowing we wanted to make sure we maxed out, try

to  get  everybody  involved in the game, keep the top guys rested a little

bit more.  Such tight games between days, I should say.

      It worked well.  So we've gone with it.  We'll see.


      Q.  Patrick Kane was saying he got a lot of feedback from people, but

coaches  here especially.  He found more will for Game 4.  How do you coach


      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:  I think everybody internally has ways of getting

themselves  excited  to  play.   Top  guys  usually  find  ways to motivate

themselves.  That's what makes them special.  They want to be the best they

can  be  every  single day.  Different challenges, how they get them selves


      I  talked  to Kaner the day before.  He said he's going to find a way

to get it done.  He wanted the puck, had it more, was more effective in his

game as well.


      Q.   Your  tie  with  Handzus, was it easy to integrate him?  Did you

envision him to be in the role when you acquired him?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:  Honestly, probably not.  I thought he could give

us  some depth.  He could play in a situation where he could take faceoffs.

See  how  he  handles  being a 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th forward.  He gives us

experience, great team guy.

      And  then  late in the year, Bolly was hurt, he got an opportunity to

get  a  little bit more ice time.  Late in the year he got a chance to play

with  Sharpie  and Kaner.  Looked like he belonged there.  So it was a nice

discovery there as well.

      One  thing you love about Handy, you love the consistency of his game

and the way he prepares himself and what he brings to the team.


      Q.   When  you made the switch to put Patrick with Toews and Bickell,

did  you  see  something early in the game from Kane to make that switch or

did you see something from Hossa?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   We  didn't  mind the way we were playing in the

game.   I think we talked about going into the game, we could do that if we

don't like things, but we just didn't get enough offense.  We still thought

the way we were playing was the right way.

      We  were  fortunate  to score right off the bat.  I know it seemed to

work.   It  was  a situation where maybe you get a little bit more balance,

something they got to look at, they may want to change their matchups.

      When  it's  not  going  well,  you're  behind,  you don't mind trying