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In the past 4 years the Chicago NHL franchise known as the Blackhawks, with the greatest sports logo in the history of professional sports, has gone through a remarkable change in the way it conducts business.  Known in the past for not wanting to give away its product "for free" on tv and for never paying its superstar players to stay, it has become the hottest team in the NHL.  This all took place within the span of the last 4 years.  The owner died leaving his son to take over the team.  Along with a new man in charge, a new team president and a few high draft picks about to make there mark on the NHL this franchise know for years as the worst franchise in all of professional sports was about to embark on something only a man like George Lucas could imagine.  In its first year under new head man Rocky Wirtz the Chicago Blackhawks were creating a buzz around the city of which nobody had felt for a team since Michael Jordan was around.  The team won its first home game of Rocky's ownership and defeated its most bitter rival in shoot out fashion with an amazing back hand shot by its soon to be legendary first overall pick Patrick Kane.  After that win the rest of the past 4 seasons have been a blur. The city has fallen back in love with the sport it all but ignored for at least 15 years.  

This is my plea to the NHL and commissioner Gray Bettman to feed the hunger of the Chicago fans.  Leading the league in attendance for the past 3 seasons, hosting the Winter Classic and  winning the Stanley  Cup have yet to clinch the thirst of the hockey fans in this great city.  With so much lust for the fastest sport in the world Chicago is begging to have its hockey fire stoked yet again by the NHL and the fans of the Blackhawks would love nothing more than to once again host the NHL All Star Game and for the first time in franchise history host the NHL Entry Draft.  For a city that has fallen back in love with this amazing game, and the countless sellouts season over the past 4 years we beg you Gary bring the All Star Game back to our city!  Let us host the NHL Draft.  Chicago is back on the map in the NHL and we are here to stay!