The Chicago Blackhawks are 28-10-4 so far this season.  They are a top of their division and the tough western conference. The Hawks additions this off-season has brought spark to the team.  But the hawks stars and their goal-tending have been the biggest part of their success this year.


     The Hawks record has put them in 1st in conference and division but the red wings are not far behind.  BTW, the hawks will play 1st of 6 games vs the Wings on Friday at 7:30.  Also teams like San Jose, Vancouver and surprisingly the Wild are chasing the Hawks.  The Hawks struggle in a lot of category's.  Their power play has been horrible but penalty kill is getting  better.  They score an avg. like 2 goals a game, goals allowed is up there. Some of these category's need to improve if the Hawks chose to stay #1


    The Hawks star players have really carried the team.  Towes and Sharp lead the team in goals and Kane and Hossa are in the 20 assist department.  Towes and Sharp are among the top goal scorers in the NHL too! Kane has struggled with his goal scoring.  Only 9 goals so far this year.  They need more out of him so they moved him to be a center with sharp and stalberg at the wings.  Victor Stalberg has been amazing this year.  His offence has been outstanding.  His 9 goals and 13 assists don't seem like much but its helped the team. People like Frolik, Bickel, bolland etc have to step up to contribute.  The stars cant do it alone. 


     The Hawk goal-tending has kept them in a ton of games.  Corey had struggled in the begining of the season so back-up Ray emery stepped in and went 7-1 during Crawfords "break."  Corey numbers were once among  the worst in the NHL but last 3 starts we have seen the better side of Coreys goal-tending.  Ray Emery has done the job as a starter for like 6 games in a row giving Corey a break to regain confidence and get better.