The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the best teams right now in the NHL.  Despite Corey Crawford struggles in net, the Hawks are managing to stay a as contender in the NHL.


The Hawks are 17-8-4.  They are close to there record that brought them to the Stanley Cup 2 seasons ago. They are 1st in the Central Standings and 2nd in the Conference bedding the Minnesota Wild (Hawks have 38 pts and Wild with 41). The Hawks are also winners of there last 3 of 5.  



The Hawks are 2nd in the nhl in goals, 9th in the NHL on the Power Play, etc.  Jonathan Towes (C) leads te way for the Hawks with 17 goals.  BTW, congrts to Marion Hossa on his 400th career goal.  He said "ill never forget it."  Patrick Kane leads the team in assists with 23!  Kane is a real threat.  His great puck handling allows him to get to the goal like no other. Sharp has a 15 goal 15 assist right now.  Hossa #'s are 12 goals 17 assists.  Right now that's  really the stars of this team on offence. Andrew B has 6 goals 5 assists and so far the best addition to this hawks team this season. Great offensive treat and will score when you need it. Steve Montador had a little spark once but nothing since. The Hawks starts are carrying this team. Lets see where this takes them.  



The Hawks are 27th in the NHL in penalty kill. That's a must improve for the Hawks.  The Hawks defence have kept them in games.  From Assistant Captain  Duncan Kieth who by the way takes in 25% more oxygen the the average human in one breath. He has 2 goals and 17 assists.  He not know for goals but yeah will get assists cause its starts at the blue line with him mostly. Brent Seabrook has only 1 goal and 7 assists.  He is starting slow but will rebound...eventually. The Hawks defenders scoring chances are few but stop goals.  Nick J #4 is one of the best shot blockers in the NHL. Defence is very important to keep the Hawks rolling.  



The Hawks are a little on and off on goal-tending. Corey Crawford is 12-7 and has been pulled 2 of 3 times on his last 3 starts. Corey is not the same guy we all knew last year. His stlye has to change to become a primier  goalie in this league again.  Some of his numbers are the worst in the NHL among goalies.  I hope to see him improve.  On the other hand Ray Emery as been great in his last couple starts.  5-1 this year.  It doesn't seem like a lot but he's been huge this season. His goal-tending has kept hawks in games and won his last 2 of 3 games in goal,  (one subbing in for Corey.) Lets Go Hawks!