Alain Vigneault, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, is still crying about the Hawks running up the score almost two weeks ago.

Vigneault complained after the Hawks put a 7-1 beatdown on the Canucks in Vancouver that Coach Q was running up the score when up 6-0 and the Hawks with a 5 on 3 power play with about 11 minutes to go in the game inserted their top power play team. Wrong, Coach Q had just inserted his top line which happen to be next in the rotation which was Toews, Kane, Stalberg, Keith and Boyton.

When it was pointed out to Vigneault that Stalberg and Boyton were on the ice and aren't part of the power play line he had this to say:

"C'mon, be serious here, let's go," Vigneault shot back. "Toews and Kane, it's 6-0 going into the third. What do you think? Let's be serious."

Would Sharp and Hossa been ok instead of Toews and Kane? And when asked what he would have done differently he compares two completely different situations:

"We just came from Calgary, and were up 6-2 with 3 minutes and my top players never saw the ice," he said. "We had a power play and they didn't see the ice. Everybody has their way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with what they did. It's within the rules. They do things their way and we do things ours."

Does he realize their is a difference between 11 minutes and 3 minutes?

Maybe because he does take his foot off the gas is why his very talented team can't seem to get past the Hawks.

Let's hope the Hawks just dominate them tonight at the UC and send the Canucks crying all the way back to Vancouver. These two teams won't face off again till February when the Hawks travel back to Vancouver for their 4th and final meeting of the regular season.