Last week when Bryan Bickell showed up to the championship parade/rally the first thing everyone noticed was the huge knee brace he had on. I guess we should have been more focuses on his left hand.

Bickell was at Wrigley Field on Friday, with teammate Brandon Bollig, with a soft cast on his left hand. He admitted during his time in the pressbox with Cubs play by play man Len Kasper that he had a ligament replaced in his thumb. Expected recovery time is three weeks, so there is no worry about him not being ready for training camp in September.

It was reported last week that Bickell had suffered a grade 2 MCL sprain which is why he was sporting the knee brace at the parade. It is expected that he will not need surgery and it will heal on it's on with rest.

For Bickell's sake I hope he is ready once the season starts because now that he is getting paid expectations have gone up. He has 40 goals and 50 assists in his NHL career for a total of 90 points. If he doesn't add at least 50 points to that next season, a lot of people will be questioning that contract.

But really the most important question is, how do you think Bickell & Bollig did singing the 7th inning stretch? Check it out below