We all witnessed the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks championship run; the points streak, 3-1 series comeback against the Detroit Red Wings, dominant series victory over the defending champion Los Angeles Kings and the unforgettable Stanley Cup Finals matched versus the Boston Bruins continue to play in our heads. Despite the 'Hawks' success, the NHL will not release a commemorative DVD. 

These DVDs, like the one released for the 2010 championship season, honor and highlight the previous campaign and provides in-depth recap of the players and games. This year will be different. 

According to @NHLBlackhawks on Twitter, the NHL will instead air a video on the NHL Network and sell it on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms. The release date of this video has yet to be determined. 

More information will be released here on MadisonStreetHockey.com when the date is known.