Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull are getting the Michael Jordan treatment at the United Center.

Just hours before Hull & Mikita's 1961 Stanley Cup winning team was to be honored the duo was informed of the honor. Details are unknown about where the statue or statues will be placed. The plan is they will be unveiled at some point before the 201-2012 season starts.

Most reports have said that there will be two statues and that might be true but I feel they should be placed together. Hull & Mikita have gone down in history as one of the best duos and I feel they should be immortalized together.

A possible location could be on the southside of the building on the Adams side of the building. There are only three entrances at the stadium and the Michael Jordan takes up the East gate and there is a Blackhawks tribute on the North side of the building, technically across the street. Therefore the South side would be perfect since it is a well trafficked area and has plenty of room since the parking lot is right there.

Another possible option could be putting the two seperate statues on the same side of the stadium but on opposite corners. Whatever way they do it I expect nothing but the best from Rocky Wirtz, John McDonough and the rest of the Hawks organization.

Congrats to both Bobby and Stan, it is well deserved and long over do. And to certain people in the Chicago media who don't think the duo deserves it then you aren't a Hawks fan or just want attention.