As of today the NFL's labor problems have no end in sight. By all reports the NBA labor issues are going to be much worse. So mark down these dates because the way the Cubs and Sox are playing this might be all we have to look forward to come September.

On Monday the Hawks released the schedule for their 7 game preseason. Guess what the first game is only 3 months away.

Tuesday September 20 vs Edmonton Oliers. This will be a neutral site game in Canada

Thursday September 22 at Pittsburgh vs Penguins

Friday September 23 vs Capitals, first home preseason game

Sunday September 25 at Detroit vs Redwings

Wednesday September 28 vs Wings

Friday September 30 vs Penguins

Sunday October 2 at Washington vs Caps


Ok a couple things I don't get. First why do we need to play the Redwings in the preseason? Do you see the Bears matching up with the Packers when the games don't count? Secondly it is nice that both the Capitals and the Penguins come to the UC during the preseason but how about getting both teams to travel to Chicago during the regular season. For the past 3 seasons it has been only one or the other which is ridiculous.

The regular season schedule will be released shortly as it usually is but some other dates to mark down will be the NHL entry level draft happening Friday and then free agency kicking off July 1.