The Chicago Blackhawks have made the playoffs and as they prepare to face the Vancouver Canucks in the first round they made a few callups.

They have recalled forward Jeff Taffe, defensemen Jassen Cullimore and Garney Exelby as well as goalie Hannu Toivonen.

Cullimore appeared in 36 games for the Hawks this season and Taffe played in 1 while Exelby and Toivonen spent all season in Rockford.

Jassen is the only one of the four with real playoff experience playing in 35 games over his career and was with the Hawks last year during their Stanley Cup run. Exelby has played in 4 playoff games while Hannu and Taffe have zero but to be fair to Taffe he was with the Penguins when they made their back to back runs to the Stanley Cup finals.

Hopefully none of these 4 will see any action in the playoffs since they are brought up mostly as injury insurance. I think it could be possible if Leddy isn't up for the pressure of the postseason that Cullimore could replace him while Taffe is here just incase an injury occurs to one of the centers but hopefully a return of a healthy Dave Bolland will make sure we never have to see that 23 jersey.