Corey Crawford today looked as he did last year: poised.

The 27-year-old sophomore goaltender was one of the main reasons the Blackhawks went on to its second straight win after shaking off a nine-game losing streak in the midst of a rocky road trip.

Crawford stopped 33 pucks in the 6-1 win on the last road game, against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In his back-to-back campaign, Crawford has amassed 55 saves while allowing just three goals in all.

Here's what Crawford told the Chicago Tribune after the game:

"I've slowed things down," Crawford said. "I'm not moving around as much, I'm being patient, reading the play a little bit better. Our guys are getting in shooting lanes, too. It's nice."

Sure, the win came at the expense of a battered Columbus Blue Jackets while trade rumors swirl around Rick Nash and the goalie depth has significantly weakened without Curtis Sanford. 

But, the Blackhawks did it with a wide, wide margin, getting help from guys like Patrick Kane, Viktor Stalberg, and, even John Scott, who dropped the gloves.

Let it be a confidence-building exercise for not just Crawford, but for the team as a whole.

Coach Joel Quenneville's thoughts on Crawford:

"He was square, he was big, he was quick. He responded to an early goal, definitely an A-plus chance against him, and I thought he really battled back and was solid."

The Blackhwks will return to the Mad House tomorrow for what can only be assumed as a very warm reception and hopefully, another rejuvinated performance by Corey Crawford. The puck drops at 11:30 a.m.